may moments.

I got behind. Dropped the ball, if you will.
Truth is, we've had a lot going on, and I let it all pile up, so things that I wanted to blog about almost went away. So, I decided to do a summary of things that we did and enjoyed, so that I still have those memories documented (even if they don't have all the attention I originally wanted to give them). Or maybe I'm just not making any sense. In any case, here are some of my favorite moments from May.

1. Randoms
I sort of did #photoadaymay on Instagram....until about May 18th or something like that. It was a fun way to capture little snapshots of my day. One thing I would like to note, that will show up again later, is that beautiful turquoise necklace that I commissioned my friend Lauren to make. It is so beautiful and I love wearing it. 

We love going to the First Friday Artwalk in our town, even if we don't even set foot in an art gallery. There are usually tons of people to people-watch, lots of live street performers, and other fun things to look at. In May, we went alone and wandered the streets downtown, treating ourselves to a delicious caramel crepe at the outdoor crepe stand. It was a beautiful evening with just the two of us.

2. Shooting
One Saturday we decided to take TJ's shotgun out for a spin. We invited his brother, Skylar, and drove 10 minutes outside town to some cinder pits. I'd already asked my doctor if it was OK, and he said that I would be fine, because the baby is basically under water. Regardless, I had some fun doing a different kind of "shooting" as well. One of the highlights for me was actually hitting a clay pigeon, since I'm used to shooting only stationary targets. I grew up shooting guns with my dad, so I'm glad TJ's got similar fond memories so we can build traditions for our own family.

3. Anniversary
We had a mini-2-year-anniversary celebration on our actual anniversary, May 15th. I had to work, and while I was at work TJ brought me a snack of pringles and a hilarious card that's just slightly blog-inappropriate. When I got home from work, he had a dozen roses waiting for me and the sweetest card that made me tear up (I know, two cards!? he's a sweetheart). I quickly got ready for dinner, and we shared a delicious meal at Outback courtesy of a gift card we got at Christmas. After dinner, we came home and made cookie-n-cream milkshakes and watched Midnight in Paris (interesting movie, we liked it) while snuggling on the air mattress TJ set up in the living room.

4. Birthday
TJ turned 24 on May 17th. Although I couldn't really think of anything to give him, I did organize a low-key surprise for him. I made him one of his favorite meals, and then we headed out the door for a quick church meeting. That ended earlier than anticipated, but we relaxed a little and he got some of his favorite candy (peanutbutter m&ms). What he didn't know is that I had a bunch of our friends meet at the bowling alley (the only one in town). I brought along the "cake" I made (not the one pictured, that's the one his mom gave him the week after) and he was totally shocked when we walked in to several of our friends gathered just for him. At the end of the night, he said it was his favorite birthday to date, which definitely made me happy to see him happy.

5. Eclipse
This is old news now, but we also got to see the natural phenomenon of the annular eclipse. However, we happened to be right in the region where the eclipse could be best viewed. BUT, to get an even better view of the peak of the eclipse, we drove with TJ's family about halfway to the Grand Canyon (only about thirty minutes or so) and had a picnic. Above, you can see our super cool eclipse glasses, TJ's face, the setting sun, and my own belly eclipse which occurs only when my large abdomen-filled-with-child distends between the setting sun and the lens of my camera (otherwise known as backlighting). In all seriousness, it was pretty cool to watch the progression, peak, and then setting.

*** ***
Probably one of the best parts of our month occurred right at the end, and deserves its own, if not multiple, post(s). May was definitely full, so June will be a little quieter and I'll have a bit more time to blog about other things as well. This is definitely my favorite way to document everything that goes on in our lives.


  1. Time passes quickly! You want to blog about something that happened and then all of the sudden it's been two weeks since it happened! Love all the pictures though :)


  2. Love all the pictures! And happy anniversary :) that's so sweet about the roses. sounds like you guys had a wonderful day :D

    xo, Samantha

  3. Awww, your belly just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
    And that turquoise necklace really IS gorgeous - she did an amazing job!
    Can't wait to hear what the best part of your month was!

  4. You are so beautiful! And isn't shooting so fun? I wish we got to do it more. How cute that you threw him a little surprise for his birthday :)


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