hey buddy.

So this normally isn't the kind of thing I'd do...
...but it's really slow at work today, 
and I came across this blog that I've read before, but wasn't following yet.
Anyways, she posted about this website that she found, and so I decided,

"I'm bored, and what the heck?"

I think most parents-to-be wonder what their offspring will look like,
and I'm curious myself. So I uploaded, morphed, and was actually fairly impressed by the results.



[could baby boy possibly look like this?? only time will tell]

I think he's actually pretty cute! Some of these things can turn out really weird-looking, or "off" because of the pictures used. Perhaps TJ and I just have really compatible face-structures? I don't think we "look alike" but I have been told that we look "good together," so that must mean our babies will be adorable!

I have to admit, I'm starting to get the itch to just hold my baby and get to know him. TJ's even more anxious than I am because, in his words, "You get to be with him all the time, and feel him moving, and always be touching him." He's right, I suppose. I can't wait to see the two of them interact together. When I get home from work, and we snuggle on the couch, TJ rubs my belly and says, "Hey buddy, I missed you," and it pretty much means the world to me.

Basically, we're excited. And....now I'm bored again. Ha!

PS...I don't enter many giveaways, but I'd really love to win a print through this one for baby's nursery!


  1. That is actually pretty impressive! And I am positive you guys will have cute babies!

  2. I'm sure you guys will have adorable children.

  3. I did this once. The results were terrifying. But then again, I also put my face into one of those "which celebrity do you look like" ones, and my result was SHAQUILLE O'NIEL. Um, what?

  4. Adore this post, love. totally following now. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony. I'l love if you'd check it out. xo


  5. This is so cool! And your baby really doesn't look creepy! Although I'm much more excited to see how adorable your REAL baby looks! :] He is going to be so stinkin' cute!

  6. Definitely cute...I can't wait to meet our little one either!


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