two whole years.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about this, because it's really important.
My "little" brother left on his mission for our church a couple weeks...almost a month ago.
Before he left, he had the opportunity to speak to my family's congregation, and we of course were present for that. He gave such a good talk, and I was so impressed with how much he's grown up, and how strong his testimony of the gospel is. The statement that he reiterated from his mission-prep teacher really hit home with me: "The gospel is true, therefore, nothing else matters."

I made it until we were about 30 minutes from Flagstaff in our journey home before I broke down in silent sobs. TJ held me as best he could while driving, and eventually I calmed down. I'm sad that he won't be here for my baby's birth, but we'll make sure his first nephew knows his name and face by the time he gets back.
Elder Sheldon Hassell has been called to serve the people of the Oregon Eugene Mission, and I know that's where he's supposed to be for the next two years. And I know that he will grow in so many ways, and be a great instrument in the Lord's hands. He's going to bring true happiness and joy into the lives of others.

His letters so far are so full of maturity and humility. He is truly striving to come to the Lord to help him learn a new language, and he's holding strong to his motto: "The gospel is true; then, nothing else matters."

I think I'll be learning a lot from my little brother.


  1. That is sad, but so exciting. When a missionary leaves it really is bittersweet. Mostly sweet though :) My brother is the best example to me on his mission. And I grew up in Portland - the next mission over. He'll love it.

  2. That's so great for your brother!!

  3. This was so sweet! My little brother is coming home from his mission in September this year!! He was mad at us for a little bit because we got married after he left and he really wanted to be there so as a compromise we said we'll bless our baby when he gets home so he can be in the circle ;) He was so excited when we told him that ;) Oregon is such a cool place!! I have a few friends up thataways ;) Good luck Elder!

  4. Thank you, Kylie!! I love you!!
    Xoxoxoxoxo, MOM


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