the m family.

We happened to schedule this shoot for the hottest weekend in Mesa in the month of April. It was literally over 100 degrees, but thankfully we found lots of shade.

It was during this shoot that I had an epiphany of sorts: I found my favorite subject to photograph. I love capturing children. I suppose it makes sense, considering I majored in Elementary Education, that my favorite subject would be children.
[his eyes really are that color...I didn't do any re-touching to them.] 

I struggle the most with posing, and with kids....that's not really necessary. I love capturing them doing what they do and being themselves. The younger they are, the less they seem to care about a camera being in their face, and just interact with you as a person. I love that. Getting down on their level, and asking them to show me their world brings me so much joy.

TJ said, "You're not very good at posing, but you're good at getting the in-between moments." And to be honest, that's what I strive capture the real moments of loved ones interacting with one another. I strive to capture life as it is, not as I pose it to be.

I know that I have so much more to learn, and so I am grateful for each opportunity I have to improve and to learn more about myself as....a photographer (amateur, beginner, and rough-around-the-edges, though I am). I'm grateful to those that trust me enough to create images that just might mean something to them. It feels good to do something I love, and something that benefits others.


  1. It WAS hot that weekend! I'm pretty sure that was the weekend we decided to visit our best friends in AZ.... we were dying in that 100 degree weather! It's barely hit 70 degrees in our town, ha ha!
    But these pictures are ADORABLE!!

  2. Good job on the pictures! We are moving to your neck of the woods in January! :)

  3. Kids really are so cute - you're right, they really don't care about the camera being in their space. I love the last shot!


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