random thoughts.

1. I love getting my hair cut. I love the way it feels after a trim. I rarely change up the style much, but I totally appreciate a stylist that I can just let do what they want and know it'll look great (especially since I'm picky). I just got it trimmed the other day, and the stylist did my bangs just slightly different, but I loved the subtle change.

2. I'm terrible at making a big deal out of birthdays, and TJ is amazing at it. He's only been with me for 2 birthdays so far, and he's made me feel special each time. His birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and it's coming faster than I thought! But, hopefully I can pull off my plans and give him a little surprise, too. (And I can't give anything away here because he reads my blog. Cute, I know.)

3. Our 2nd anniversary is 2 days before his birthday (what was I thinking?). We're going on our anniversary trip the week after, but I still have no idea what to do, and TJ is being all secretive saying he has plans for that day. I have to work, so I think I'm just going to do a small, thoughtful gift.

4. Three weeks left until vacation!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to get out of town, hit up a beach or two, and relax. My work isn't particularly stressful, but I feel like I've been going non-stop. Hopefully this will be the perfect escape, especially since my next "vacation" will be six weeks long and involve a newborn, so I'm not sure that really counts (though I'm super excited for that, too).

5. I love receiving packages in the mail, even when it's something I ordered. I get so excited and I'm pretty sure TJ secretly or not-so-secretly laughs at me. I'm expecting *three* packages in the next couple of weeks, one of which I'm thinking comes TODAY and I can't wait to show you guys. It's beautiful.

6. I really try not to complain about pregnancy woes, but sometimes I am human and sometimes being pregnant is just uncomfortable. Currently, I am on the lookout for some amazing maternity pants, because dudes, the whole hair-tie thing is getting old. I have a Be-Band, which helps a lot (thanks Mom-in-law!), but I do want some pants I can just put on and not worry about. The one pair of maternity pants I bought are slightly too short and need to be fixed (this way). I'm considering buying these on Emma's recommendation. I'm cheap frugal, so the price is right. Plus, I like that the band is under-belly. If you suggest thrift stores, I've tried. Flagstaff just doesn't have a lot of options (which is why most of my shopping has been done online).

7. Seven is a magical number, so we'll end here. This weekend, we're going on two fun dates (one with friends) and I'm hoping to get a lot done around the apartment and hopefully a project or two! Happy Friday!


  1. I totally know what you mean about the birthday/anniversary cluster. Within a 4 month period we have my birthday, christmas, anniversary (those are 4 days apart), scott's birthday, and valentines day (those are 2 days apart)! By the end of February I am TOTALLY wiped out of present ideas. That's why I am glad this baby birthday is in August, to spread the fun around a little :)

  2. Eric's birthday is just 2 weeks before our anniversary so that always stresses me out! But we just celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday and pretty much? We just go out to dinner, ha ha. We usually have a trip planned around our anniversary (1 week and 1 day until we leave on vacation!) so we NEVER buy gifts because we're paying for a vacation!

  3. We don't really do much for our anniversary... at least we didn't the one we've had! hahaha we went out to dinner.

  4. Cheryl found a brand of maternity pants she liked real well. She found them at ROSS, you should give her a call, or drop her a line.
    love you, Aunt Lawanna

  5. Girl I got my pants from Old Navy and they are SOOO comfy and cheap ;) Online they have slightly better deals and more choices but I love them ;)

  6. I'm with Ali about Old Navy. I bought a pair of maternity jeans there in my first pregnancy...and since it was like 1 of 3 maternity pants I owned, I wore them ALL THE TIME. When I pulled them out at my 2nd pregnancy, they STILL looked good. I wore them almost everyday in my 2nd pregnancy, and they STILL look good (and by good, I mean they don't look worn out or discolored). They were like $30, but they are so cute and comfortable, and since they've lasted me 2 pregnancies, I'd say totally worth the money!

  7. ca-yoot blog :) found you through tid+bits!

    i know what you mean about the haircut. i just got mine cut for the fist time since november because we moved away from my hairdresser. talk about feeling like a million bucks!! it was looking pretty bad. ha


  8. Patrick's birthday is 11 days before our anniversary, so I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm terrible at the whole bday thing too. But, I try to make it special. This year Patrick will be 25 and I'm going to give him things in groups of 25...(his favorite candy for example).
    We're going to also be in California the week of his bday with my family...so that makes funds low for that and our anniversary. Last year we went to Payson for a night. We hiked at Tonto National bridge and had the best time!


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