oh boy.

[24 weeks exactly | April 28, 2012 | like my new shades and $5 slip-ons?]

In case nobody on the planet knew, I'm very excited to be a mom.
There are so many things I can hardly wait to do with our little boy, and the list grows daily:

Well, the creative in me is also screaming to be let loose on baby boy's room,
and it needs to happen soon, because he'll be here before I know it
and I have a tendency to procrastinate.
(First I need to actually clear out the guest/junk room and make room for baby.)

That being said, I have so many ideas for a baby boy room, that I kind of don't know where to start.
(That's the problem with my head...too much going on in there.)
Do I pick:
a color scheme (I like blue|orange|gray or green|gray...just no baby blue please)?
a boyish theme (vintage disney heroes, sports, monsters)?
or eclectic/random things that make me think "boy"?

It's a small room, so I definitely don't want it to be overwhelmed with "stuff,"
but I do want it to be cute, boyish, and simple.

Here's some of my inspiration from my nursery pinboard.
Of course, TJ really wants sports incorporated somehow, but we'll see.
Any ideas I should totally check out?


  1. I like your outfit!

    If the room is small then a colour scheme might be better than a theme, as I guess you'd probably end up having more 'things' in the room with a theme?

    Our nursery is already decorated yellow, and we rent, so sadly I won't be getting to release my DIY creativity this time! :)

  2. I pretty much have my nursery for my unborn baby planned out via pinterest. That website... I swear, gets me every time. You look beautiful, by the way!

  3. We started with a color scheme (blue, brown, and tan) and found bedding in those colors that had cars, planes, trains, etc on them. Once he got old enough to start favoring something we decided to add that to what we already had.

    We now have road signs and distressed looking metal letters with his name on the walls. Soon to be added are an industrial style wood and metal shelf from Ikea and some frames Cars 2 lithographs we got from my parents through the Disney store. Lightning McQueen is his favorite!

  4. Umm i'm kinda sorta like really obsessed with your cute belly! And I totally think you should stick with the random things that make you think "Boy" I always think those kinds of nurseries are the cutest!

    P.S. i'll be fixing your necklace tonight!

  5. I was actually going to mention your shoes! they're super cute.
    Actually, you're super cute, and all these posts you're doing about how ecited you are to be a mom are kinda makin' me baby hungry. :)

  6. I think a blue/green/orange combo and Disney heroes would be so cute! But I'm a huge Disney freak so therefore anything Disney is good with me ;) You look so cute! Love the outfit!

  7. I've heard a lot of people who make tons of freezer meals at your point so you can take a little bit of a break when baby comes.

    Your profile with baby bump is so cute!


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