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Things have been busy but fun. We spent the weekend in San Diego, and I have hundreds of pictures to go through, edit, and blog. It was a much-needed vacation, but now it's back to work (busy season for me) and time to really start cracking down on getting things ready for baby boy. 

Speaking of baby boy here's a little picture update to leave you with. This was last night. I've been asked if it's multiples. The answer is no, just one healthy, active baby boy with only room to grow outward because his mama's got a short torso.
[28 weeks | 3 days]

Hope you had a fun Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Oh, goodness. If having a short torso means you're going to grow outward hardcore, then I'm in trouble when I get pregnant. I have the shortest torso ever.
    You look so cute, though!! seriously an absolutely adorable pregnant lady, and you're all belly!

  2. Agreed! I LOVE that belly of yours!!

    Thanks for participating girl! You are a FASHIONISTA ... totally!!

    GLad you had a great weekend too :)


  3. Loved your fashion post! And I'm excited for all of your upcoming posts! :) Also, people tell me I look huge all the time. Haha. It's not the nicest comment but oh well! I'm sure we'll both have adorable, healthy babies!

  4. You are the cutest pregnant lady!!!


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