pregnancy moments.

You senior moments?

Lately, I've had some....issues. 

Exhibit A: On Sunday, before church, I was working on finishing my necklace and hairpiece for my outfit. As any good, crafty woman would do, I was using a hot glue gun. And, you guessed it, left it plugged in. I finished the necklace by about 10 am. We go to church at 1pm. We get home from church at about 4:15pm. We leave for TJ's parents' house for Easter dinner at about 4:30pm. We get home from TJ's parents house at about 8:30 pm. I notice glue gun is still plugged in at about 9:30 pm, and freak out/laugh that I left it plugged in (I've done it before, but never for so long). Yep, it was left on for a good 12  hours.

Exhibit B: Last night, I used the stove to make dinner, like a normal person. We have a gas stove, that probably originated in 1980-something. I had used my one and only nonstick pan to cook some chicken (it was good, thanks for asking). Like a not-so-good wife, I left the pan sitting in its gunky, greasy state on the stove overnight, went to bed and thought nothing of it. This morning, when TJ got home from dropping me off, he smelled something weird, but forgot about it. Then, when I got home for lunch around 11:45, I smelled something weird, and mentioned it, but neither of us thought much of it. A few minutes later, as TJ was making his lunch (I'm such a good wife, I just sat there), he felt heat by the stove.
I left the (gas) stove on (really low....somehow missed all the way off), with a (nonstick) pan, that had leftover food gunk, sitting on the burner.
"BABE! The stove has been on this whole time!"
*Cue major feelings of stupidity, guilt, and some big crocodile tears on my part.*
TJ tried his best to console me (it makes him nervous when I cry). He told me it was okay, that I just have to be more careful, etc. I seriously feel so guilty. A glue gun is one thing, but a gas stove burner with a pan sitting on it? Stupid. Just plain stupid. I mean, I have a developing child inside of me that breathes what I breathe. I opened a window and eventually calmed down. I also called my mom, and she assured me that since there was stuff in the pan, it wasn't as bad as it could've been, and that I would've gotten sick if it was really that bad. Plus, we would've probably gotten headaches if it were really strong. The flame was somehow still on (like I said, really really low) so at least it wasn't just spitting gas fumes into the air.

I am so grateful that nothing serious burning down the apartment, or getting sick or anything. These are by far the worst things pregnancy brain has caused me. I'm pretty sure I'll be even more paranoid careful about these things from now on (I always second guess whether or not the curling iron is unplugged).

(*Disclaimer: We do have a gas detector, in our bedroom, so obviously the fumes from the stove weren't strong enough to set it off. Also, I'm buying a new pan.)


  1. I'm really bad at things like this! And I don't have pregnancy brain to blame! I used to leave my hair straightner on all the time! Luckily it beeps angrily at me now haha

  2. I wish I could blame my less-than-shining moments on pregnancy... but I have no excuse. :)

  3. OH babe I've been there! Our stove isn't gas thank goodness but both me and Andrew have caused our smoke alarm to freak out because of dropped food under the burner. We also have left the oven on - super low and everything - so don't worry. Your pregnancy brain won't last forever! (at least I hope so, cuz then mine would stay forever....oh dear!)

  4. Here's a little tidbit for you that maybe nobody has mentioned...The "pregnancy brain", yeah, it doesn't always go away. I still have it, 2 YEARS LATER! I've never been the same and I honestly believe that it's leftover from when I was pregnant.

    Leland has had to learn to live with his, now, incredibly forgetful wife. It's been an adjustment, for sure.

  5. I'm with M on this one... lol... I have nothing but my own self to blame ever so often silly moments on.

    My boyfriend now calls me "Captain Oblivious"... haha!

    Hang in there :)


  6. Gah! Pregnancy brain is crazy! I TOTALLY did the hot glue gun a few weeks ago! I honestly don't even know how long it was on for. WAY too long though! We all know you won't be a negligent parent though! :]

  7. Aw, I'm sorry! I'm not pregnant but I have that brain sometimes, it makes me feel so incompetent! With the curling iron though I have the opposite problem--the bathroom outlet is connected to the light switch so Mac always unknowingly turns off my curling irons when they're heating up.

  8. aaahh 12 hours on!? lucky you nothing happened!! :P haha.


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