[instagram] tidbits

[TJ had to dress up for a major presentation. He rocked it with his group and they got an A!]

[When I wear my hair down lately, I usually curl it. I love having it curled. But when I straightened it the other day, TJ said, "You know, that's the hair I fell in love with." Silly boy :) ]

[A couple weekends ago, we had a bonfire with some friends. Lets just say the smoke really liked me. It literally followed just me.]

[Ordered some maternity shirts on sale from Shade. Disappointed they were too big. I'm going to exchange them though.]

[Pretty minty green nail polish with one sparkly "party nail." This is about as trendy as I get, folks.]

[From our date night a couple weeks ago. We went local with Nimarco's pizza. If you ever come through Flagstaff, I would take you here in a heartbeat.]

[So I'm easily impressed, but this crane is flippin' huge and it amazes me what modern technology can do.]

[Nothing can beat an AZ sunset. I love those peaks.]

[This has been my favorite since high school: Orbit Sweetmint.]

[I got to bring this home from a church activity on Tuesday. Local honey is supposed to help allergies and asthma. Who knew?]

[Dinner last night. We didn't eat until about 7:30, but those chicken enchiladas were worth the wait. And now I have leftovers for lunch. Oh plus, they were what I owed TJ for being right about baby's gender. I don't make them often because they can be a lot of work, but they're his favorite. Baby boy will probably love Mexican just because he'll have a taste for it already.]


  1. how much do i love that you referred to the baby's "gender"? it makes my heart go pitter patter when people use the right adjectives. keep that up!

    so glad you are participating in send something good! talk to you soon!

  2. That is so cute TJ said that about your hair!

    And seriously NOTHING can beat a beautiful AZ sunset. Can't wait to start working on your necklace for you this weekend!! :)

  3. i love the curls! and i love the accent nail. you are so adorable.

  4. love the minty green nails!! and the sparkle. perfect touch.
    xx jes

  5. I wish MY hair would curl like that!! :P and IM the exact opposite! :P when my hair's down.. it's straightened!!

  6. I love that mint green nail polish! I obviously need to go get some new colors now.

    xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com

  7. I'm SO glad you are participating!!! :D

  8. Such cute pictures! Love the mint nails :)

  9. Sweetmint gum has been one of my faves since it came out too :) And I so love Harry Potter!

  10. Your hair looks fantastic like that!!! I love it. And your blog. Newest reader!

  11. Love your nails and your curly hair!! :) And I hope your exchanged Shade shirts fit better! What color did you end up deciding on? And did you get other shirts from there too? Or just the cute striped one?


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