i blog.

Today, I was inspired by this post. Here are my "i statements."

i was … overwhelmed, but I feel better after talking to my husband.
i am … insecure, but confident.
i think … a lot, lately, about who I want to be and what I need to do to be that woman.
i wonder … at the beauty that surrounds me; I try to notice the little things each day.
i wish … I were on a beach right now (one more month.)
i save … too many papers. I think I cleaned out 15 receipts from my purse today.
i always … have something I should be doing, but I choose something else. I ought to break that habit.
i can’t imagine … life without TJ's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are my staple breakfast.
i believe … that there's no way to totally avoid the bad in this world, so we have to be prepared to face it, and to fight it.
i promise … to try to be my best self.
i love … creating. It makes me happy.
[iris in my mom's flower bed]


  1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are basically the only way I can eat peanut butter ...and I love them :)

    My husband is a saver of papers too haha

  2. i have this same problem with receipts! i definitely always have more pieces of paper crammed in my wallet than actual money.

  3. I have been seriously slacking in the blog world lately, but I am finally catching up! Congrats on your little man! I agree with you, it is so exciting to be able to refer to the baby as a "Him!"

    I am pretty jealous you have settled {probably} on a name. To be honest, we have a name that is currently the front runner, but for some reason I cannot commit to it 100% yet... even though sometimes I secretly refer to him by that name in my head!

    Hope things keep going well for your little family! I love reading about your pregnancy because our are so dang close!

  4. SO FUN!
    I did one,

    Thanks for the idea!


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