Pregnancy brain is real, and untreatable. 

1. I think I forgot to sign a check I mailed out the other day. Hoping there's no penalty.
2. Paid for the washing machine, got all the way back to my apartment before I realized I hadn't started the cycle. Go back to start it. Oh, and there's a man from our church sitting in the laundry room, probably inwardly laughing at me and my toothpaste stained sweatpants (they're the next load, OK?). 
3. Set the timer for the laundry, sat on the couch, and realized I didn't start the timer. 

Let's not get started on my track record with possible fire-causing appliances. Did I mention I also left the electric skillet plugged in, on "warm" for several hours? I didn't? Must've slipped my mind...


  1. haha i'm gllad i'm not the only crazy one. when i was pregnant i was at the pool and walked all the way through the mens locker room with all the men staring at me and didn't realize it til i was out. oh the joys haha

  2. Haha, ohhh man... pregnancy brain sounds dangerous...

  3. Oh gracious. I was forgetful and clumsy BEFORE pregnancy - now, it's crazy! I totally love reading other peoples stories (struggles?) with it though! Haha AND on Babycenter.

  4. Haha..oh dear!

    How many weeks are you? I need to watch out for this!

  5. Hahah you poor thing!! You have to admit these are funny and you will laugh someday looking back at it :)

  6. Pregnancy brain is real! Haha. And pretty obnoxious sometimes! It definitely makes for some funny stories though!


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