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I. love. potatoes.
Have I already described my love affair with this starchy tuber?
It's a slight problem.
Mashed, hashed, fried, baked, nuked...I don't think I've met a method of preparation that I don't like.
I even like sweet potatoes.

Anyway, one of my favorite preparations for potatoes is oven fries.
Let's be honest: I love french fries. AND I work in the same building as a Chic-Fil-A Express. Do you know how much self-control it takes not to eat their amazing waffle fries and Chic-Fil-A sauce everyday? Tons.
So, I restrict my waffle-fry eating to a maximum of once a week. Usually less frequently.
But when a craving for that fried goodness strikes (which it does with more frequency lately....I think baby boy is going to be like his mama), I sometimes console myself with oven fries. Which are really good, too.

My problem with how I normally make oven fries is that they take forever to cook and they aren't always the right texture...burned on one side or not done enough. So, when I found this method (from The Purple Foodie, found on Pinterest), I was excited to give it a try and see if my oven-fry experience could be improved upon.

It can, people. It can.

Truth be told, I wasn't a huge fan of this recipe so much as the method. I know that the author of the blog said she was nervous about using the microwave/plastic wrap (so she parboiled-too much work for me)....but I have no such qualms. Because they were par-cooked before hand, they turned out nice and soft on the inside, with a crispy skin. Yum.

A summary of the method: Cut up potatoes, skip the garlic cloves, put in a bowl with a little olive oil, cover with plastic wrap, nuke for 3-4 min, dredge in cornflour/seasoning mix, spread on well-oiled baking sheet, bake for 30-40 min in a 440* oven for 30-40 min. 

The verdict: yum. I say skip the garlic part because it gets a burned flavor in the oven, and is much too strong, even for TJ, who loves garlic almost as much as I love potatoes. I used regular red potatoes (healthier than russets, it's what I buy) and they turned out great. I could've let them bake a tad longer than 30 min (for more of a crispy skin), but we were hungry, and they were fine. Also, since I wasn't following the amounts exactly, i think I used too much cornflour. They were a little...powdery tasting. Adjusting the amount should fix it though. Serve with ketchup, please. Or Chic-Fil-A sauce if you have any!

And yes, I totally just did a whole long post about potatoes. I also had Chic-Fil-A for lunch today, thankyouverymuch. I'm not perfect.

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  1. Ahhh I love potatoes, too! And reading this post is making me huuungry! Haha I guess I shouldn't have read it so close to dinnertime ;) And now I really want to try making those.

  2. oh i miss chickfila. oh i miss it so.
    and these potatoes look amazing... but my mind is still on chickfila.

  3. I had Chic-fil-a too. love waffle fries and chic-fil-a sauce. and I love love love any kind of potato too. especially sweet potato fries!!! yum!

  4. Mmm! I can't wait to make these! I LOVE potatoes!!

  5. WAFFLE FRIES!!!!! ....!!!! (that is all i have to say.)


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