Pregnancy brain is real, and untreatable. 

1. I think I forgot to sign a check I mailed out the other day. Hoping there's no penalty.
2. Paid for the washing machine, got all the way back to my apartment before I realized I hadn't started the cycle. Go back to start it. Oh, and there's a man from our church sitting in the laundry room, probably inwardly laughing at me and my toothpaste stained sweatpants (they're the next load, OK?). 
3. Set the timer for the laundry, sat on the couch, and realized I didn't start the timer. 

Let's not get started on my track record with possible fire-causing appliances. Did I mention I also left the electric skillet plugged in, on "warm" for several hours? I didn't? Must've slipped my mind...

he's totally mine.

Today it was quite rainy and a bit chilly.
We even saw a few flakes fall, though few stuck to the semi-warm ground.
In Arizona, wet weather tends to make residents giddy,
and today was no different.

As we walked to the bus stop from our apartment, bundled in jackets, me with my polka-dotted umbrella,
he couldn't stop being silly and making me laugh.
First, he repeated himself over and over until I acknowledged him (like a little boy would).
Then, he gathered up some of the slush that did stick to a car and tried to throw a snowball at me.
Because that hand was cold, he wanted me to hold it, but instead of switching to my other side,
he reached his arm across his body and held my hand.
When I suggested switching sides, he did the same thing with the opposite hand, to the tune of more laughter from me.
He also tried shoving me so I would step in puddles (not hard enough that I would fall), and I laughed and told him he wouldn't want to ruin the boots he bought me, now would he?
When we finally reached the bus stop, I stood under the little shelter, and he out in the mist.
I watched as the fallen water ran rapidly down a gutter, and excitedly pointed the mini-river out to him.
The thought occurred to me that I wanted to kiss him, and kiss him good, and as I turned around to do so,
I saw him standing there, making the goofiest face as he created puffs of vapor with his breath in the cold, moist air.
I couldn't help it when the laughter burst my lips yet again.

The truth is, love isn't always like a Nicholas Sparks romance novel.
Sure, there are those romantic kisses in the rain, but this? This is real.
And I love laughing with him.

just a walk.

[not from our walk]

A few nights ago, TJ and I went on a walk. The air was crisp, but not too cold. And we just talked. It was nice--just the two of us and conversation. No laptops or TV or Xbox or iPods to distract from each other. It felt good to unplug and get moving. We both felt rejuvenated and plan to go on more evening walks together.

[instagram] tidbits

[TJ had to dress up for a major presentation. He rocked it with his group and they got an A!]

[When I wear my hair down lately, I usually curl it. I love having it curled. But when I straightened it the other day, TJ said, "You know, that's the hair I fell in love with." Silly boy :) ]

[A couple weekends ago, we had a bonfire with some friends. Lets just say the smoke really liked me. It literally followed just me.]

[Ordered some maternity shirts on sale from Shade. Disappointed they were too big. I'm going to exchange them though.]

[Pretty minty green nail polish with one sparkly "party nail." This is about as trendy as I get, folks.]

[From our date night a couple weeks ago. We went local with Nimarco's pizza. If you ever come through Flagstaff, I would take you here in a heartbeat.]

[So I'm easily impressed, but this crane is flippin' huge and it amazes me what modern technology can do.]

[Nothing can beat an AZ sunset. I love those peaks.]

[This has been my favorite since high school: Orbit Sweetmint.]

[I got to bring this home from a church activity on Tuesday. Local honey is supposed to help allergies and asthma. Who knew?]

[Dinner last night. We didn't eat until about 7:30, but those chicken enchiladas were worth the wait. And now I have leftovers for lunch. Oh plus, they were what I owed TJ for being right about baby's gender. I don't make them often because they can be a lot of work, but they're his favorite. Baby boy will probably love Mexican just because he'll have a taste for it already.]

baby boy.

Every time he kicks, I think "Hi baby." And when I'm at home, I say it out loud. The other day, I had to unzip my jeans while I was sitting at my desk at work; it felt like he was playing the drums on the inside of my lower abdomen. Perhaps he'll be a good soccer player. He's certainly getting lots of practice in the womb.

Sometimes I sing to him when I'm alone, or I sing to him and TJ when we're going to sleep. I hope he likes my singing, because I plan on doing it every night. And stories. I hope he likes my story-telling voice.

He reminds me to be still, because it's when I'm still that I feel him the most. And when I'm truly still, then I can think about the important things, and how I need to know God if I want to teach him to know God.

Someday, when he knows how to read, I hope he reads this. I want him to know what his dad and I were like before he came. I want him to know what a blessing he is. I hope that I show him that, but reading has always solidified things for me.

I can hardly wait to play with him. To watch him throw balls with his daddy, to run with him, and rough-house and do boy things with him. I can't wait for his grandpa to take him for a ride in his little tractor, or to watch him chase chickens at my parents' house, or to watch him pester the dogs at TJ's parents'. I want him to love art and music and playing pretend. I can't wait to kiss his owies and wipe mud off his face, to take him to the beach and the mountains and the lake and camping and a million other things.

But for now, I will cherish this time when it's just the two of us, just me and him. And I will cherish the time I have left when it's just me and his daddy. And when he comes, I will hold him and snuggle him and probably hope he never has to grow up.

from pinned to done | what I learned.

You might be thinking, "Hang on, I thought you were going to do 5 pins, and you've only done 3." Or maybe you don't really care or weren't keeping track. But yes, I'm done with my "from pinned to done" episodes. At least the ones I set out to do.

I learned some valuable things during this project. Here are just a few:

  1. It feels way better to create than it does to pin.
  2. I hadn't created purposefully in a while. I missed it.
  3. It's OK that I'm not doing those other two pins, because I actually did more than I expected, and I just don't really want to do them right now. I need to do things for me, not just because they're there.
  4. It feels good not to be constantly bombarded with ideas of things to do, make, or be. During this time, I got on Pinterest much less frequently than I had before, because I knew I didn't want to pin anything. To be honest? I still really like Pinterest. I think it is a great resource. However, I'm going to focus more on pinning ideas I find on my own, and focus a little less on re-pinning things I find on Pinterest. Essentially, I'm just going to be more choosy, and only pin what I think I might actually be able to use. Simplify.
That being said, I had a great time and was really motivated to do things. In fact, I'm going to make it my goal to do at least one new project/recipe/idea a week. Maybe from Pinterest, maybe not. And it might be silly that I need that type of motivation, but I do. I'm the type of person that gets sucked into social media easily, and I don't want to waste my life not actually living. I love social media, especially blogging, but I don't want it to consume too much of my time. The point is to cultivate myself, and my talents. I'm going to make each day count. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews, and that maybe you were inspired to create a little on your own. 

can't sleep...

...without posting just a couple images of my gorgeous best friend, Jessica.
She's graduating in a couple of weeks from ASU, and I'm so proud of her! I got to be her lucky graduation picture photographer this weekend. Congrats Jess!

i blog.

Today, I was inspired by this post. Here are my "i statements."

i was … overwhelmed, but I feel better after talking to my husband.
i am … insecure, but confident.
i think … a lot, lately, about who I want to be and what I need to do to be that woman.
i wonder … at the beauty that surrounds me; I try to notice the little things each day.
i wish … I were on a beach right now (one more month.)
i save … too many papers. I think I cleaned out 15 receipts from my purse today.
i always … have something I should be doing, but I choose something else. I ought to break that habit.
i can’t imagine … life without TJ's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are my staple breakfast.
i believe … that there's no way to totally avoid the bad in this world, so we have to be prepared to face it, and to fight it.
i promise … to try to be my best self.
i love … creating. It makes me happy.
[iris in my mom's flower bed]

pregnancy moments.

You senior moments?

Lately, I've had some....issues. 

Exhibit A: On Sunday, before church, I was working on finishing my necklace and hairpiece for my outfit. As any good, crafty woman would do, I was using a hot glue gun. And, you guessed it, left it plugged in. I finished the necklace by about 10 am. We go to church at 1pm. We get home from church at about 4:15pm. We leave for TJ's parents' house for Easter dinner at about 4:30pm. We get home from TJ's parents house at about 8:30 pm. I notice glue gun is still plugged in at about 9:30 pm, and freak out/laugh that I left it plugged in (I've done it before, but never for so long). Yep, it was left on for a good 12  hours.

Exhibit B: Last night, I used the stove to make dinner, like a normal person. We have a gas stove, that probably originated in 1980-something. I had used my one and only nonstick pan to cook some chicken (it was good, thanks for asking). Like a not-so-good wife, I left the pan sitting in its gunky, greasy state on the stove overnight, went to bed and thought nothing of it. This morning, when TJ got home from dropping me off, he smelled something weird, but forgot about it. Then, when I got home for lunch around 11:45, I smelled something weird, and mentioned it, but neither of us thought much of it. A few minutes later, as TJ was making his lunch (I'm such a good wife, I just sat there), he felt heat by the stove.
I left the (gas) stove on (really low....somehow missed all the way off), with a (nonstick) pan, that had leftover food gunk, sitting on the burner.
"BABE! The stove has been on this whole time!"
*Cue major feelings of stupidity, guilt, and some big crocodile tears on my part.*
TJ tried his best to console me (it makes him nervous when I cry). He told me it was okay, that I just have to be more careful, etc. I seriously feel so guilty. A glue gun is one thing, but a gas stove burner with a pan sitting on it? Stupid. Just plain stupid. I mean, I have a developing child inside of me that breathes what I breathe. I opened a window and eventually calmed down. I also called my mom, and she assured me that since there was stuff in the pan, it wasn't as bad as it could've been, and that I would've gotten sick if it was really that bad. Plus, we would've probably gotten headaches if it were really strong. The flame was somehow still on (like I said, really really low) so at least it wasn't just spitting gas fumes into the air.

I am so grateful that nothing serious burning down the apartment, or getting sick or anything. These are by far the worst things pregnancy brain has caused me. I'm pretty sure I'll be even more paranoid careful about these things from now on (I always second guess whether or not the curling iron is unplugged).

(*Disclaimer: We do have a gas detector, in our bedroom, so obviously the fumes from the stove weren't strong enough to set it off. Also, I'm buying a new pan.)

from pinned to done | episode 3

I. love. potatoes.
Have I already described my love affair with this starchy tuber?
It's a slight problem.
Mashed, hashed, fried, baked, nuked...I don't think I've met a method of preparation that I don't like.
I even like sweet potatoes.

Anyway, one of my favorite preparations for potatoes is oven fries.
Let's be honest: I love french fries. AND I work in the same building as a Chic-Fil-A Express. Do you know how much self-control it takes not to eat their amazing waffle fries and Chic-Fil-A sauce everyday? Tons.
So, I restrict my waffle-fry eating to a maximum of once a week. Usually less frequently.
But when a craving for that fried goodness strikes (which it does with more frequency lately....I think baby boy is going to be like his mama), I sometimes console myself with oven fries. Which are really good, too.

My problem with how I normally make oven fries is that they take forever to cook and they aren't always the right texture...burned on one side or not done enough. So, when I found this method (from The Purple Foodie, found on Pinterest), I was excited to give it a try and see if my oven-fry experience could be improved upon.

It can, people. It can.

Truth be told, I wasn't a huge fan of this recipe so much as the method. I know that the author of the blog said she was nervous about using the microwave/plastic wrap (so she parboiled-too much work for me)....but I have no such qualms. Because they were par-cooked before hand, they turned out nice and soft on the inside, with a crispy skin. Yum.

A summary of the method: Cut up potatoes, skip the garlic cloves, put in a bowl with a little olive oil, cover with plastic wrap, nuke for 3-4 min, dredge in cornflour/seasoning mix, spread on well-oiled baking sheet, bake for 30-40 min in a 440* oven for 30-40 min. 

The verdict: yum. I say skip the garlic part because it gets a burned flavor in the oven, and is much too strong, even for TJ, who loves garlic almost as much as I love potatoes. I used regular red potatoes (healthier than russets, it's what I buy) and they turned out great. I could've let them bake a tad longer than 30 min (for more of a crispy skin), but we were hungry, and they were fine. Also, since I wasn't following the amounts exactly, i think I used too much cornflour. They were a little...powdery tasting. Adjusting the amount should fix it though. Serve with ketchup, please. Or Chic-Fil-A sauce if you have any!

And yes, I totally just did a whole long post about potatoes. I also had Chic-Fil-A for lunch today, thankyouverymuch. I'm not perfect.

PS. Don't forget about the giveaway!

from pinned to done | episode 2

This pin took an interesting journey. Let me just say up front that it annoys me when people don't pin to the original source, but rather some random site or to just a picture. This pin turned out to be a similar case. If it weren't for Emma's help, I probably wouldn't have figured out the modifications to turn this dress from Elle Apparel into a maternity dress. Together, we were able to figure it out, although there were still a few things that confused us. We followed this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas to create what they call "The Perfect Maternity Dress."
[PS. 21 weeks, 1 day | April 8, 2012]

While it was somewhat confusing, and I ended up doing some modifications, the dress turned out alright. For being an amateur seamstress, I don't think I did too badly. The only thing I don't really like is that it feels sort of tent-like, which could be due to my fabric choice, and perhaps the length and hem width. I think if I had used a stretchier fabric (like a knit as they suggest), it would hang differently and not feel quite so large. I wanted it to hit below the knee, especially since I'll still be growing in the belly area. 

Instead of adding the band in between the skirt part and the t-shirt, I attached the skirt directly to the shirt. Then, I made a band and ties and attached them only to the shirt part. This way, the skirt still has room to expand with my stomach, and I still have a way to draw in the waist and make it a little more interesting. In these pictures, I crossed the ties in the back, and wrapped them around to the front to tie them.

I liked having a new dress to wear for Easter Sunday. I also made the statement necklace and hairpiece to match, using this tutorial for the white flower. (Ironically I had exactly the same lacy fabric as Kate did. I bought a bolt of it for $5 at WalMart, and it has probably 5 yards. This is the first project I found good use for it.) I didn't even find the tutorial on Pinterest! I found a link to it on a favorite refashioning/sewing blog, and now I have another favorite sewing blog.

I was really nervous to wear it to church, because it did feel sort of big, but I got a few glowing compliments that really made me feel better about my skills. The ladies who noticed were so surprised when I told them I'd made it. I won't lie, I'm someone who likes to hear it when I do something well because I constantly second-guess myself. (But really, who doesn't?) I've decided I love making dresses and skirts because I'm in control of the length, fit, style, and cost (I think the dress itself cost me less than $15 total--pretty cheap as far as dresses go!).

The verdict: good beginner sewing project, helped me to get to know my sewing machine a little better, and gave me a simple spring dress that I can only look to improve on the next time around.

What do you think? Cute or not so cute? Pin win or fail?

PS. Don't forget to enter the giveaway on Christi's blog! You could win cute bows made by yours truly.... :)

how I learned self-esteem | part 1

I don't remember if I've ever shared this story before, so forgive me if you've heard it.

When I was 9 years old, I went to an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) to see about some histamine drops for my allergies. Well, I got a couple of shots to see what I was allergic to (pretty much everything: trees, grass, dog fur, horse hair, cat fur, pollen, etc.). Anyways, then I saw the ENT. He felt around my neck and up by my ears, and his sensitive hands detected something amiss near my collar bone. He told my mother that I had hypothyroidism, and about sent her through the floor. We had no idea what that was, or what the heck an endocrinologist was, who he recommended I go see. 

Off to the endocrinologist we went, and after some blood tests found that I did indeed have hypothyroidism, which meant that one side of my thyroid was slightly larger than the other one. Dr. Mary was shocked that the ENT had been able to detect such a slight enlargement with his hands. Dr. Mary was a very nice woman, and she made me feel at ease. She explained that my thyroid, a gland in the neck, wasn't producing enough of the hormones that regulate body growth and  metabolism. She said it was unusual that I had hypothyroidism, because that was usually found in overweight children, and I had always been very petite. It explained why I was so short and why I was always so tired.

Well, after learning more about it, I was put on a medication that I would have to take every day for pretty much the rest of my life (still taking it). I would need regular blood tests (at least twice a year) to make sure that I was getting enough to help my thyroid produce correctly. Well, it worked, because I went through something of a growth spurt. I was still fairly small, but I grew a little. Around this same time, I had started taking ballet lessons again after a two-year break. One part of ballet lessons is always posture check, where all the dancers stand as tall as they can, with their feet in ready position and their hands and arms in first position, waiting for the ballet instructor to come and check and adjust their posture if need be.

My teacher, Miss Janna, was always adjusting my posture. Constantly. She would adjust my hips, and then my shoulders, and then my hips again, as though she could never get me to line up quite straight. I believe she even mentioned it to my mom, who didn't really think much of it. Then one day in 5th grade, my class was screened by the school nurse for scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. When my turn came, I noticed that the nurse sure spent a long time feeling my spine as I touched my toes.

I got home that day and told my mom about my screening. She decided that we should ask Dr. Mary about it. So we did, and Dr. Mary felt my spine with my hands touching my toes. She was concerned about it, and referred us to an orthopedic surgeon, saying that the reason it had manifested itself more prominently was because of my recent growth spurt due to the thyroid medication. We saw Dr. Milliner, a man from South Africa. After x-rays and a chat, it was determined that I did indeed have scoliosis. A lateral s-curve to be exact, and it was too severe to remedy with physical therapy. I would need to have a special body brace made, one formed to my body with foam pads placed that would make my spine straight. I would need to wear it for 16 hours a day, mostly at night while I slept. It would go from the top of my chest, to the top of my thighs, with it being higher and lower in the back. I would have to wear special undershirts so that the foam would not chafe my skin.

I would have to wear it at school, and likely until I stopped growing. Even then, surgery in adulthood wouldn't be out of the question. All this, I found out in the heat of an Arizona summer, just before I would enter the 6th grade. That is when I started to feel extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.

to be continued.

Dear Baby,

You are perfect! We had our anatomy ultrasound today and every part of you is completely perfect....your round head, your nickel-sized heart (the tech was very impressed with your perfect heart), your spine, your feet and hands, everything....including your BOY parts! Yep, you are a little man! Daddy was right all along and he is so proud. Even before we found out, in the ultrasound room, he said, "So if he or him..." and the tech and I laughed because he couldn't even fathom that you might be a girl. If I'm being honest, I think I knew that too deep down. We are both so excited and I can hardly wait to start decorating your nursery and make, handsome...outfits. 

We're pretty sure we have your name picked out, but we'll talk about that later. I just can't get over how beautiful you are! And you are an active one! I feel you moving more and more each day, and you certainly gave the ultrasound technician a run for her money just getting some good pictures of you (you weren't shy, just wiggly). You get especially mad when I bend forward sitting throw a fit every time. I guess you're like me in that way...I hate being pinned down or in tight quarters. I'm hoping that means you'll want to make your arrival a week or two before your due date ;) But no rush right now! You just keep growing strong and healthy.

Our ultrasound technician was pretty funny. She didn't go straight to showing us your boy parts, but she had us make a bet before she did. She said if you were a boy, I had to make Daddy his favorite dinner, but if you were a girl, Daddy had to take me to a nice dinner. I guess I'll be making enchiladas soon! After the appointment, I was really hungry so we went and got some curly fries, giving in to my number one favorite food (even more so since you joined the party). 

Seeing you look like an actual baby and knowing that you are a boy has made it all seem so much more real. I love being able to refer to you as "him" and "baby boy." It feels so good and so right. Well, I love you baby boy. Every little perfect part of you.

love always,

PS. Here's your first good picture. Look at that cute little profile! I love your belly :)

from pinned to done | episode 1

Last week, I made this recipe from Budget Bytes for "Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas."
I followed the recipe, except I didn't have any red onion so I just left it out (if I did have some, I would've sauteed it first to get rid of some of the raw flavor, and I wouldn't have used as much as is called for). I also didn't add the cornstarch. I used white tortillas (I'm picky about tortillas) and mozzarella cheese (the only kind I buy).

I did add some sauteed red bell pepper (I sauteed the garlic with this) and about half of a small can of green chiles. Be sure to leave some of the bean "paste" as the recipe suggests. My mom made it with rinsed beans, and she said her quesadillas turned out a little dry. I think sauteeing the veggies would bring some moisture as well. Next time, I might double the recipe and freeze them as the recipe suggests.
These were a really tasty, and filling meal. Plus, they were vegetarian, which is something I've been trying to incorporate more of in our dinners. I think it would also be good with some sort of avocado dipping sauce (avocado + sour cream + seasonings).

We had some filling left over, so the next night made a really quick meal: I just cooked up a chicken breast, and rolled it up with some of the filling in a burrito. Both options were equally delicious, although I think TJ appreciated the meat. 

The verdict? I'm glad I re-pinned this recipe! Thanks to the original creator as well (gotta give credit where it's due). I worked on another project this weekend, and will finish up the rest of my selected pins this week. 


Up in the north, past the rolling hills of Black Canyon, and across the fertile Verde Valley, a proud monolith stands. In the shadow of the San Fransisco Peaks, lies a little gem of a town called Flagstaff. Flagstaff is home to some of the heaviest snow in the country during the winter, some of the slowest drivers in the state, and some of the most gorgeous views for miles.

[The San Fransisco Peaks]

And now, it's home to me.

I have lived in Arizona my entire life. I'm sad to say that I haven't always loved Arizona....but now I'm proud to call myself an AZ native. I've always loved the mountains, so when I moved to Flag to go to school, I loved it almost instantly. And in moving away, I also learned to recognize the more subtle beauty of the desert I grew up in. I suppose you could say that my eyes have been opened to the diverse beauty that surrounds me here. 
[The Grand Canyon. Only an hour and a half away from Flag.]

I definitely still feel at home in the Valley (which is what Flagstaffians call the greater Phoenix area), especially my hometown, Mesa. However, Flagstaff has won my heart. I walk outside and literally every day marvel at the beauty that surrounds me. It's one of the only places in Arizona when you DO have to wear coats in the wintertime (but if you're a true Flagstaffian, you walk around wearing flip-flops in the snow).
[The snowstorm that cancelled finals in winter 2009. Yes, we get SNOWDAYS.]

Even though we have cold winters, and sometimes the snow may get old (especially when it turns into blackish slush on the sidewalks), we have the BEST summers ever. Summer is my absolute favorite time of year in Flagstaff. I can't get enough of it. Here are some highlights from our summer in Flag.

[When the Monsoon Season hits Flagstaff, we actually get rain. And it is glorious.]

[This is probably one of our favorite spots in Flagstaff:  Lake Mary. This is the place where TJ asked me to be his girlfriend, and later, his wife.]

[TJ absolutely loves wakeboarding. And looks dang hot doing it.]

[And now, so do I. Even if I don't look nearly as cool.]

[We really enjoyed taking Sunday walks after dinner, right at sunset. This particular walk was especially gorgeous.]

[One night, for a date, we ate Chipotle in the park, and then walked around the residential side of downtown, just so I could take pictures. I loved this super cool old truck.]

[He just LOVES it when I take his picture. Or at least, that's what I tell myself.]

[Just another spot downtown.]

 [Arizona's sunsets are better than Hawaii's. Or so I've heard. I've never been to Hawaii. Lame.]

[There are trees everywhere in Arizona's mountains. And they are grand.]

[Flagstaff rocks because we don't suffer from the Heat of Death that most of the state suffers from. So we're cool and get to have wildflowers. I took this on a cloudy Saturday run. It was awesomely beautiful.]

[A couple of weeks ago, we rode TJ's motorcylce out to Lake Mary. Like I said, it's one of our favorite spots.]


[Arizona has some amazing local restaurants. And it's my humble opinion that Flagstaff has some of the best. Beaver Street Brewery is one of our absolute favorites. Except not for the house-brewed beer. Because we don't drink beer. This is the amazing El Gordo pizza. We had it with a "Bowl of Goodness" aka, sweet potato fries with a black pepper and capers aioli. Yum.]

Oh my goodness. I could go on and on and on about Flagstaff. If you love the outdoors and great community, Flagstaff is perfect. There are so many things to do, see, eat, and explore. And basically, it is my favorite part of Arizona. Oh it has it's faults, but I love it through them.

a weekend of the best kind.

[ripples from skipping rocks] 

[19 weeks, 6 days | March 30, 2012]

Brats + grilled chicken sandwiches, rootbeer/black cherry soda, & chips out at Lake Mary with some of our best friends. They're moving down to the valley in May, and we're going to miss them so much (as in, I don't know a life without my best friend 5 minutes away). We enjoyed the gorgeous weather, skipping rocks, and the beautiful sunset.

Waffles and hash for breakfast, General Conference-watching, running errands, cleaning, and sewing....Saturday was inspiring and productive. Oh, and it was beautiful weather which merited flip-flops and open windows (both in the apartment and in the car).

Sleeping in, baking cookies, watching Conference with family (and possibly an accidental nap during the last thirty minutes of Conference), eating the most delicious chicken salad sandwiches + homemade broccoli and cheese soup, and laughing until my sides hurt....Sunday was a perfect day to unwind, enjoy being with family, and think about the things that matter most.

Coming Soon:

It's hard to believe that we're halfway to meeting our little jellybean! What do you think? Boy or Girl? Oh, and I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!