tidbits to inspire.

The internet is a truly beautiful thing.
Yeah it can be really really ugly, too, but I'm focusing on the good here.
Today, while bored at work, I wanted to share a few thing I've come across lately
that have inspired me.

First, two articles that you should totally read:
Why skinny isn't the ultimate goal: on health and listening to your body.
Why marriage is for "losers," aka, marriage is all about sacrifice.

Second, watch this video about "consciously creating" and finding a true "dream job." Powerful stuff folks.

Third, please watch this beautiful video. This guy is related to my favorite you-tuber, Arturo, and he shares a beautiful cover of one of my favorite Josh Groban songs, and some precious footage of his newborn. It might have made me teary-eyed, but that's not really saying a whole lot.

Well, that's all I have to share. Any other inspiring stuff I should see floating around the internet?


  1. Do you mean ARTURO TREJO?!

    But on a more serious note, thanks for posting - I like the losers one :)

  2. I LOVED ALL of this. Such good inspiration. The marriage one is a super good one. Everything it says is so true. I hope to always have a marriage where I want to be the loser!


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