snow days.

This winter has certainly been a strange one.

We went from sun-shine and beautiful temps on Saturday... this by Sunday morning (biggest storm of the winter)... 

...which lead to both church and school being cancelled for Sunday and Monday...

...which led to lots of snuggling and quality time on both days.
Three day weekends are nice.


  1. Three day weekends are nice! :] Yay for cancelled school! It was interesting having church cancelled. But I definitely did enjoy the extra snuggling time!! And our weather is really crazy and random. I love the snow and the nice weather though so it doesn't bother me too much!

  2. Three day weekends are certainly wonderful! Glad you were able to enjoy one!

  3. wasn't the storm amazing?? We went up to Sunrise on Sunday and it was awesome! How cute you guys got to spend an extra day together :)

    We might head up there and go to Snowball on Saturday!

  4. i went through the same thing in portland before i left to come for a couple weeks. it was sunny when i woke up. and then it was snowing at the airport. crazy cake weather!
    xx jes, newest follower

  5. So jealous of your snow - and you can hate me for that lol but we didnt get any this winter and I wish we had at least one pretty snowfall!

    I am excited to follow your blog!


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