siete preguntas [the third]

[This was a while ago...obviously when I was bored at work. I like to amuse my husband.]

1. You're given the choice between a life with love and trials or loneliness and ease. Pick one.
Love doesn't come without trials, and it's not easy to be lonely. When you love someone, you give them something of yourself and trust them to take care of it. Sometimes they don't, and that hurts. When you love someone, their pain becomes your own. But even though love comes with heartache, I will always choose love....because the rewards far outweigh the trials.

2. Would you rather live in Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, or Neverland?
When I graduated high school, I think my second post on this blog was about how I wished I could live in Neverland. It was an emotional time for me, and while I was excited to grow up, I also didn't want my life to change and to leave my friends and family.
Right about now, I could use a Narnia like it is at the very end of the books. A paradise, far greater than anything this world has to offer, surrounded by loved ones. Plus, I always wanted to talk to animals ;)

3. Think of your dream home... what style is it?
Classic and timeless. My style is simple and homey, and I'd want my house to reflect that. Nothing stucco please, maybe some wood slatting combined with brick or stone. There are some beautiful homes here in Flagstaff that I could definitely live in :) And natural light with big windows are a must.

4. What's currently your favorite song or album?
I like a lot of different music. I switch my Pandora station while I'm at work about five times a day. At least. Plus, my husband has varied tastes in music, too. I love Pandora because it's introduced me to new artists that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Marie Digby is one such artist, and I recently heard this song on my Pandora and liked it:

However, country holds my heart, and this is one of my favorite songs ever.

5. Who was the last person you hugged?
TJ. We like hugging.

6. You have a ticket in your hand, where is it going to take you?
Elsewhere. Haha, I don't really know right this minute. Probably some beach somewhere (name that country artist). Hawaii? I've always wanted to go there. Just somewhere I can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery. Can you tell I need a vacation?

7. Who is one blogger you KNOW you'd be BFF's with in real life?
Can I choose two? I think I'd be good friends with Alyx and Chelsea. They're both hilarious, and I like funny people. Plus, we email more than I email other bloggers and we just seem to have a lot in common.


  1. Love your answers. :) Hawaii sounds woooooooooonderrrrrrrrrfulllll!

  2. i love marie digby! her song "voice on the radio" is a fav, and the acoustic version of "beauty in walking away" was an obsession of mine when i decided to pack up and move halfway through college. it was my brave song.

  3. I love all of your answers! And neverland is definitely what i would have chosen too. It reminds me of being a kid and how we thought we knew what life was about but really we had it so easy! Being a grown up is fun but sometimes i still wish had the imagination of a kid again :)

  4. I actually just moved to the same town as Chelsea and we've met up a couple times. LOVE her. She is the biggest sweet heart EVER!
    I love your answers :)


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