On Saturday, before the snow storm hit early Sunday morning, we were blessed with a lovely rain.
It was strong and wet, and brought with it thunder and lightning.
TJ had to go in early to work, so I opened up a window (even though it was cold) just so I could sit and listen to the rain,
and smell the wet earth, and hear the occasional thunder.
And I could almost, just imagine that it was a summer storm.

While I love the beauty that the mounds of fluffy snow bring,
there is just something different about the rain.
Summer rains change the color of everything, make it more vibrant
and the earth smells wet and alive.

That's the thing with rain,
it comes, it cleanses, and then it's gone.
It renews and refreshes, but does not visibly linger.

It reminds me of my brother's favorite primary song as a child:

"I like to look for rainbows,
whenever there is rain,
and ponder on the beauty
of the earth made clean again."
 "When I am Baptized"

I could use some rain in my life right now.
Something to wake me up, and make me feel alive again.

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