pure happiness.

There's this place, not far from my home. And to me, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.
And it's not actually the destination, but the getting there that really takes my breath away.

On Saturday, to celebrate TJ's Spring Break and to get out of town with just the two of us, we headed to Sedona. We drove the 40 minutes down Oak Creek Canyon, a place where the road is lined with overhanging trees, the creek rushes past in between, and charming little cabins peek out of the woods. As is tradition, we stopped at the natural spring that has been piped so it's easy to fill a bottle and drink the sweet, cold water.

Once we got there, we parked to do the obligatory walk of the shops that are far too expensive and touristy, but still fun to look at. And I made TJ stop every 5 minutes so I could snap a picture of an interesting statue or doorway.      

It's a lovely atmosphere, being surrounded by the brilliant red rock formations. We also enjoyed people-watching as well, seeing people from around the globe. TJ kept pointing out little aspects of this or that that reminded him of some of our past trips, like a song playing on the iPod or a certain scenic outlook.

Unfortunately, it was rather windy, but less-so than in Flagstaff, so we didn't mind.

We lunched at our favorite Mexican place in northern AZ, Javelina Cantina. We shared a chicken chimichanga platter and a bowl of their house made chips and salsa. We were both in heaven and so full. Normally, I prefer a pork chimi, but this chicken was the best I've had. Topped with guac, red sauce, and creme fraiche, it was divine.

After our bellies were filled, we went to Tlaquepaque, a resort that is filled with shops and some beautiful scenery. We've only ever been there at night, in December for their Christmas lights display. This time it was nice to see the beautiful creek and the trees.


On our way home, TJ pulled to the side of the road and we hiked down a little ways to get to a wilder part of the creek... 

...where he gave in to his boyish desires and found a stick to play in the water with. He had fun saving these dead leaves from "dammation" and setting them free to float downstream.

It was only a few hours away, but it did not disappoint when I'd been looking forward to it for weeks. Even TJ commented, "You should see your face, as we drove down the canyon and walked through the shops...it was pure happiness."

Little does he know that it is always pure happiness, when I'm holding his hand and experiencing this beautiful life by his side.

[see our adventures during break last year, here and here.]


  1. I love this! :) What a perfect day trip. And your photos are beautiful! Race and I are going to have to do this little trip one of these weekends!

  2. This place looks amazing, and it sounds like you two had a pretty good weekend!!

  3. how fun! that place look beautiful.

  4. We love Sedona, too! Leland took me there for the day while we were on our honeymoon and we've done our anniversary at a B&B up there once. We discovered Javelina Cantina while on our honeymoon day trip and we go there every time we're in Sedona as a little remembrance. Little trips like that can be so fun and relaxing.

  5. We went to Sedona for a few days this time last year, and I absolutely adored it. This post is making me long to go back!

  6. i went to javelina cantina once when i was little! big fan!


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