[18 weeks, 5 days. Didn't get my whole outfit, but it was one of the first times I felt like a cute & professional pregnant lady at work. I even did my hair!] 

[I've had this little wall in our tiny hallway in a half-finished state for months now. I finally convinced TJ to give that turquoise frame one last coat of spray paint, and then put my scissor skills to the test with the "love" frame. It's a fun little collage for a small space. When I get more spaces finished, maybe I'll do a little apartment tour with nice pictures. I think the nesting is starting to kick in. Or I'm just tired of not being productive, not creating like I used to.]

[I also finally cleaned off the top of my dresser, which has been a disaster since moving in. It's actually made of wood on top too, who'd have thought? Anyway, I found 3 ticket stubs (and you don't want to know how many receipts). Three stubs to three great shows I've seen in the past few months....MI: Ghost Protocol (my favorite MI), The Vow, and my old high school's fabulous production of Beauty and the Beast (which I've now seen on stage 4 times, and this was one of the best). I tend to be a pack rat, so now that there's a picture, the stubs can go in the recycle, since I don't have a scrapbook presently.]

Sometimes it's the little pieces of life that give clues to who we really are. As you can see, I like my baby, pictures, and movies/shows. Someday, I think these seemingly insignificant details will become precious insights into these times in our life when our kids will never know us. At least, that's what I tell myself.


  1. that is an adorable baby bump picture! and i love the turquoise frame!
    xx jes


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