one prank to rule them all.

There is but one way to know when a prank has reached epic prank proportions. This tale will tell you how.

Once upon a time, there was an apartment of 4 girls, all attending college. Three freshman, one junior, in apartment 909. They were dubbed, "The 909 Girls." They were all great friends and had many wonderful times together. Through their adventures, they had met other great friends, even guy friends. There was one trio of guy friends who were known has "The Yellow House Boys."

Now, the Yellow House Boys were known for their love of pulling pranks. They were infamous for pranks they had pulled on each other, and on unsuspecting apartments of girls. Sometimes, these pranks were random, pulled out of the clear blue. Other times, they were in retaliation to some wrong doing.

One blessed day, somehow, a certain 909 Girl got in a water fight with a certain Yellow House Boy. She drenched him. And, she made it look like he'd wet his pants. Needless to say, she won, and he sulked. Little did she know that he had a devious plan brewing in his scheming little mind.

Early one morning, when the sun had just barely let its light leak over the horizon, the 909 Girls were awakened to the roaring of a chainsaw...inside their apartment! Pajama-clad and confused, they all dashed out of their rooms, but not before the chainsaw operator had escaped. They saw the back of his truck as he fled the scene, and they knew that this disruption in their beauty sleep would not go unpunished.

After discovering that the culprit had, in fact, stolen one girl's key, the 909 Girls consulted with their trusted friend, who suggested a most delicious prank with which to practice revenge. They plotted a way to get a key to the Yellow House, gathered the necessary supplies, and discovered a time when its tenants would be absent.

When all of the stars aligned, three of the 909 Girls snuck into the Yellow House, armed with sewing needles and thread. They then proceeded to the quarters of the guilty one, and carefully selected random pieces of clothing. Next, they sewed shut strategic openings in the clothing....the ends of sleeves, the neck of a shirt, the hems of pants, and an inch or two above the toe of a sock. They were thorough in their work, but not so thorough that every piece of clothing was stitched shut. They made sure to sew clothes that were out of season as well, so that their target would find clothing months later and be unable to wear it until he had tediously picked out the stitches.

Oh it was rich! They were rewarded the next morning with a rather bemused (albeit frustrated) friend who had texted the three exclaiming over his inability to pull a shirt over his head. These instances kept occuring with frequency at first, and then less frequent as the months passed and the clothes were mostly found. Occasionally, he would find yet another sock or sleeve, and send the girls a text that inevitably began with the expletive: "Hoover dam!"

Years passed, and the prank was still considered to be one of the best, and all involved enjoyed telling the story for a laugh. Each of the pranking party got married, including the Yellow House Boy, and they went on with their lives, still friends. Then, late one fateful night, four years after the prank had been pulled, the girls each received this text:

"Hoover dam! While I was packing for our move, I found a pair of shorts I haven't worn in a while. I tried to put them on but the [dang] legs were sewn shut!"

This, my friends, is when you know a prank has reached epic proportions: when the prank is still pranking nearly 4 years later.

 Oh, the smile it brought to my face when I read that, bleary-eyed after waking up early this morning. Rachel, Aubree....we have done well my friends. We have done well.



  1. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah!!! That IS epic! Oh my goodness! HILARIOUS and I will totally store that away for future use!

  2. That is amazingly EPIC!! What a brilliant prank! :D

  3. I'm curious to know how a person has a pair of shorts that he hasn't worn in 4 years?!?! Perfect timing for April fools right? lol

  4. This is still the best prank I have ever heard of! :] So so funny! And you retold it so well!!


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