I'll never forget.

I'll never forget those drives in the woods
along bouncy dirt roads
in his dad's truck
listening to Nickelback and talking about anything.

I'll never forget the first time he put his hand on my knee
as he drove, and looked over at me with a smile
and holding his hand wherever we went
or the butterflies it gave me.

I'll never forget the first time he broke my heart
in those woods, in that truck
or how I cried and told him I would wait for him
if he wanted to take a break.

I'll never forget how a week later,
after deciding to stay with me,
he told me breathlessly that he loved me,
his arm wrapped around my waist as we snuggled on the couch,
or how I breathed, "Finally,"
and then, "I love you too."

I'll never forget sitting in that beautiful hallway,
on an elegant couch, dressed all in white,
how he bent his head toward mine,
our foreheads touching,
and the smile on his face
his gentle kiss on my cheek
and the love I felt,
knowing I would soon be his forever.

So many moments,
so many memories
that make up

I'll never forget
the look on his face in the dim light from our bedroom window
as we lay in bed, with his hand on my growing abdomen,
"Don't push, just place it here," I whisper,
and then he felt it,
that precious little one kicking or punching,
and his face lit up, wide eyes and a grin
slowly spread across that handsome face.
[18 weeks | March 17, 2012 | Sedona, AZ]

Though stages of our lives may pass,
and though hard times may come,
our love story is still being written,
each new chapter sweeter than the last.


  1. So exciting, congrats! You have the cutest little bump!


  2. This made me smile. It's so sweet :)

  3. So sweet! By the way, whenever Scott tries to feel the baby he presses his hand down really hard! Of course then the baby stops kicking! I always remind him to place it very lightly on my belly, but he has a hard time with that.

  4. you are one beautiful mama :) loveeed this post. so sweet and touching.

  5. I love this Kylie! And I love that shirt! Haha. Where is it from??


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