from pinned to done.

Sometimes I come up with my best ideas while I'm at work. Today, I was sitting on Pinterest and thought to myself, "I pin so many recipes and projects that I truly want to try, but when am I going to actually do them??" I've been feeling like I'm in a creative/lazy rut lately, and I'm ready to just do things again! So, on my facebook page I declared that I would not pin another pin until I had tried/made 5 pins. And then an hour later I forgot and pinned something out of habit. (It wasn't a project or a recipe, though! It was a free printable. For the nursery.)

To hold me accountable and document my hopeful successes, I thought I would blog about them. I already have plans in the works for a few of them, and the others won't be hard to do. My goal is to do all of them this week/weekend and post one per day next week. Then after that, maybe I'll do one weekly and do some sort of weekly feature on what I've tried. I'm feeling really motivated and excited to do something! I'm done with being lazy and not doing anything during the week other than work and eat and surf the internets (you think I'm exaggerating). Feel free to join in on my mission to create!

Here are the five pins I'll be doing this week:





  1. Good idea! I have tried most of my recipes on Pinterest . . . and it is so fun. Sometimes they taste like crap, but mostly I've been really happy with them! And. I admire that you know how to sew. I know how to glue gun, but I can't make a cute dress doing that.

  2. This seriously is such a great idea! You're getting me motivated to actually make/do all the things I've been pinning! I love that spring banner! And that nursing strap would be so useful! Also, less than a week until you find out!!! So excited for you!!


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