Dear Baby,

We've been together for 16 weeks and two days now. It's hard to believe that we're almost half way there: to that day when we get to meet, officially.

You've been very nice to me so far. I've only been tired and a little moody (Daddy might say a lot moody). My gag reflex and sense of smell are top notch these days, too. I "lost my lunch" twice--that's it! But really, I'm just glad you're in there. You just keep growing and stay strong, and I'll manage everything else.

In two weeks, we'll meet our new doctor. And, fingers crossed, we'll get an early preview of whether you're a girl or a boy. We're so excited either way! I have to admit, if you're a might already have a couple of onesies and a pair of adorable boots. I couldn't resist, and neither could Auntie Kyndra. And if you're a boy, well, your Daddy will make sure you have something sports-related faster than you can blink.

The babycenter app on our iPod tells us that you're about the size of an avocado: 4.5 inches and about 3.5 ounces. You're growing so fast, and it says you'll start to grow even faster now. My bladder definitely feels it, I can tell you that much. And my hand seems to just automatically rest on my rounding belly. I love it when Daddy reaches over to rest his hand there, too.

If you can't tell, we're just really excited to meet you. Everyone else is too. I almost forgot! I think I might have felt you yesterday and tonight. Both times, it could've been gas, but I've heard that's what it feels like. And both times you may have had some pressure on you (jeans and a seatbelt...not too tight, but you might've been protesting). If it is you, I'm so excited! And I can't wait until Daddy can feel you too. I can already picture his face. 

Speaking of Daddy, he's a goofball, hence my face in the picture below. He'll make you laugh every day, I can promise you that. Once you learn to laugh, of course. And once you learn, I hope you never stop, because Daddy and I love to laugh together, and it will be so much fun when it's the three of us! I like the sound of that.

Anyway, I love you, and Daddy does too. Sleep well, my little one.

love always,

PS. Mommy's doing a giveaway.


  1. my best friend just had her first baby.she is the first of my friends to have a baby too. and it's just so amazing! it truly is such a miracle...anyways...sweet post :)

  2. Holy Cow, this totally made me cry. Probably the most precious, cutest post i've ever read! And you are so cute!

  3. Congrats on the pregnancy! (new reader here :) I hope you get to find out what it is soon! Shopping for baby clothes is the best!


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