there's no place like [a] home.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to a religious women's conference for the women in my city. There were four speakers and some beautiful musical performances that helped me to truly feel the Spirit. That, combined with my pregnancy hormones, left me a complete mess of tears by the end of the two hours.

I had one of my little notebooks with me, and I jotted down some of the things that left an impression on me. It was a very humbling experience for me, and I think sitting alone allowed me to feel like certain words were directed right at my heart.

One of the speakers shared a very poignant message about families. She spoke of the role that women play in the family dynamic, and what a very important role that is! And then she said something that made my breath catch and my heart twinge with guilt. She said something to the effect of this, "If you cannot be Christ-like towards your own family members, then the compassion you show towards others loses its value."


She wasn't discrediting any service or kind deed that we do, but she made a powerful point. If we cannot show love and compassion toward those with whom we are eternally tied, then how can we claim to be charitable?

Being nice to family members is probably the hardest thing we're asked to do sometimes. I know my siblings know exactly what my buttons are and how to push them, even to this day. Even being married isn't easy; sometimes I just get frustrated with TJ, and he with me. Being part of a family is hard. It's really easy to get short-tempered with family members. I feel like it's also really easy for me to judge my family members. I feel like I know them pretty well, and therefore I must know what is best for them.

And that is the trap.

I don't know exactly what my family members go through. I can't. I'm not in their exact situation, filled with their exact feelings, or seeing their perception. I do not know why they may do the things they do. I can't. The only thing I can do for my family is to love them. I can show them that love by being kind to them. Listening to them. Treating them like Christ would. Treating them like they are more important than anything else in this whole wide world....because they are.

TJ and I are bringing a precious child into this world in just a few short months. That baby will come to us straight from Heaven, and will be purer and more innocent than any other creature in this world. I want that baby to have a home. A true safe-haven and refuge from the world. I want our home to be that place for each of our children to come. I want them to know that even though the world may judge them, may criticize them, and may try to make them be somebody they are not, that they can come home and be safe. Be themselves and be loved for who they are. I want my home to be a sanctuary.

I can make it that way now. I can make my home a sanctuary for my husband, and for me. There is so much in this world that is ugly and mean; why can't there be at least one place of beauty and kindness to come home to each day? 

On Saturday, after hearing those words and the words of others, I resolved to be kinder. I resolved to make my home a sanctuary. I resolved within my heart to do my best to treat others with kindness (my family, and those around me). How have I done so far? Not that great. But better. I'm getting there, no matter how slowly. And I know that to work towards this new state of mind and heart, I'm going to need a lot of help, a lot of prayer, and a lot of humility.

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  1. Hey. How are you such a good person? Seriously. This is beautiful.


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