Skylar's Homecoming.

[Pretty sure these ladies were saying something like, "What the heck are these crazy people crowding our airport for?" Actually, one gentleman from Canada asked, "Who is this guy?" when he saw everyone crowded around Skylar.]

[Skylar says to Sheldon, "Whoa, you got tall!"]

TJ's brother and best friend, Skylar, returned home from his mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico about a week ago. He served there for two years, and is now fluent in much so that he's forgotten the English words for fork. Or plate. Or baby. He served among a people that were usually pretty surprised to hear a tall blonde guy speaking so well in their own native tongue. He's brought home a deep appreciation for the Mexican culture and language, a strong testimony of the gospel, and a whole new appreciation for American food and medical care.

Skylar is only 6 months younger than me, and we are really good at arguing with each other. Not seriously (usually), more like bantering. To his dismay, I've been practicing my witty comebacks while he was gone and as I've become part of the Pond family. 

TJ is thrilled to have his brother home, especially since his other best bud (my brother) will be leaving in April. You should see those three together. Oh man.

Welcome home Elder Pond!


  1. homecomings have got to be one of the best things ever!! how fun!!

  2. I love this! :] Welcome home to Skylar! And yay for TJ having his best friend back! Haha.


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