love always.

I could always count on a couple of things every Valentine's Day growing up: a stuffed animal in pink, red, and white hues, and some sort of treat, left at my place at the table for me to find when I woke up for breakfast. Mom always made sure to get something little to make me and my siblings feel special. I could also count on having one of the most creative and cutely decorated Valentines boxes in my class, because my mom was so creative and instilled that in me.

Honestly though, those aren't the things that I remember making me feel the most loved. Thinking back on my childhood, it was the little things that told me my mom loved me. The fact that she always always always got a kiss, a hug, and an "I love you" every time I left the house, especially when I started driving. It was when she stayed up late with me in junior high while I finished some crazy project for school. I knew she loved me when she packed my lunch all the way through my senior year, and when she always had my favorite cereal when I came home from college. I knew she loved me when she cried with me the night before I moved away from home, and when she ran to the store to get nail polish the night before my wedding. It was her constant care.

I could say the same for my dad as well. I knew he loved me when he took me aside regularly to talk with me. When he took me on our one-on-one daddy-daughter dates. I knew he loved me when he built me a shelf, or cut a toy out of wood for me. I knew he loved me when he let me play with his tools, or when he set up the tent in the family room just for kicks. I knew he loved me when he spent hours helping to set up my reception exactly how I wanted it, and then more time taking it down after his little girl had run off to be married. I even knew he loved me when he got after me for various things, because it showed he cared.

Now that I have a sweetheart to celebrate the Day of Love with, we keep things small. We'll probably celebrate a little more this weekend, and I have some modest plans for him tonight, but we don't go all out. I don't expect jewelry and flowers and chocolates. He doesn't expect much either. We've decided that we would rather show our love to each other daily, through small acts of kindness. We would rather get random treats that are a complete surprise on an ordinary day, to show our love to each other. My husband shows his love for me in countless ways; he shows it when he works for hours on homework so that he can earn a future for our family, when he does the dishes even though he has homework, or when he makes me breakfast or packs snacks because I'm (always) running late in the morning.

That (really lengthy) bit being said, I like the idea of Valentine's day as a way to recognize all the little things. I still like to make a special dinner for TJ, and to say little romantic things throughout the day. In fact, today was perfect. We had a late dinner because dinner is never on time when I want it to be (though it was worth the wait), and we watched The Office, the episode with Pam and Jim's engagement (perfect), and snuggled on the couch. Low key, just the two of us. I was wonderful.

I hope your day was filled with love, of all forms. But more importantly, I hope to fill each day with little bits of love, always.

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  1. sniffle, sniffle! This post almost made me tear up a bit!
    I love reading about people's love for their families. That probably makes me sound like a weirdo, but seriously. I feel like a lot of people just don't appreciate their parents and family all that much.
    So... yeah. Good post, and hope you guys had a great vday!


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