favorite things.

1. Roasted asparagus and this pasta dish. This was our Valentine's day meal, hence the champagne glasses filled with orange crush. We both  loved the asparagus and I'm just hoping it goes on sale again soon.
2. Mini softcover notebooks from Target for $2. I wanted to have a place to record thoughts and such, and these are small enough to fit in my purse. And they're cute.

3. After living here for 3+ months, I finally decided what I wanted to do with the wall in our living room. I love it.

4. Finally feeling like I have a baby bump. 15 weeks exactly when this was taken.

4. My hair is basically long enough to put in a side braid again.

5. This guy. Man alive, he makes me so happy. Even though we don't have a lot of time together lately, he still makes me feel special. I can hardly wait for our mini-getaway in a couple of weeks. Just the two of us.

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  1. I love the wall - looks great!
    Those notebooks are so adorable, and so is your baby bump- you are too cute!!

  2. i was the same way in my apartment and didn't get around to doing anything with it until 6 months! eek!!! looks so cute!


  3. mmm! Asparagus! Wish it wasn't so exspensive.

    Your wall looks great! It does take time to figure decorating stuff out, but when though through it usually so worth it!


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