So, last night TJ and I got a little bit upset with one another before he left for work at 11:30. Anyway, I laid in my bed, finishing the last few chapters of A Walk to Remember that I'd somehow never finished, and I decided that I would make things better with him by making cookie dough so he could take cookies to his home teaching families today(*note: home teaching families -three families in our congregation that he visits monthly).

Problem: no eggs.

No biggie, Wal-Mart is just down the street from our apartment, so I went to get eggs. By the time I had decided this, it was already 12:45 am. (Mom, please don't worry. I'm a hormonal pregnant woman, nobody is going to mess with me.) Anyway, I shluffed off to Wally-World wearing my husband's oversized sweatpants, my husband's oversized t-shirt, my own hoodie plus a jacket, and my ratty slippers. Oh and no bra, hence the hoodie. And every piece of clothing was black, and all my makeup had rubbed off, making me look twelve. Plus, my eyes were bloodshot I'm sure. And my hair was falling out of its ponytail constraints.

Let's just say, I felt like the poster child for "People of Wal-Mart."

I got to the store, shuffled my way through the aisles, grabbed my eggs, checked out, and was home by 1 am. Now to start making the dough. I started gathering ingredients when I realized....we only had one stick of butter. I needed two and a half. At this point it was so ridiculous that I had to laugh, which quickly turned into a brief spat of sobbing (welcome to my world). I quickly googled butter substitutes and ended up using canola oil. I finally finished everything and went to bed by 1:45 am, a batch of really crumbly cookie dough in the fridge.

TJ and I kissed and made up this morning, and all is well. The cookies are baking, and, well.... at least they taste... okay.

At least, TJ's scouts will eat them.


  1. Hahaha, oh man... I've had those days and I'm definitely not pregnant, so I don't even know what my excuse was! :)

  2. How I wish we had Walmart over here in Europe. :)


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