paper heart pouch garland. thing. (a tutorial)

I'm not great at making tutorials, but I love making things. Like I said in my previous post, I don't like a lot of pink and red. If you do, awesome. I just had a thought that this would also be cute with any kind of scrapbook paper. Or colored cardstock. Endless possibilities, my friends. Anyways, I also explained in my previous post that I had a special purpose in mind for this: little pouches to hold little love notes. Like a stocking. Sorta. it goes.

1. Gather some supplies: Scissors, brown postal paper (mine is Scotch brand, from the Target office supplies section). Not pictured: a pencil, a piece of printer paper or cardstock, scotch tape, utility knife or hole punch, and a sewing machine.

2. Cut out two sizes of hearts from the plain white paper (or cardstock). I free-handed mine on a fold, then cut another smaller one from the center.

3. Turn on some Pandora. And change the station 5 times if you're like me.

4. Trace two hearts for each pouch onto the brown paper.

5. Cut out all of your hearts.

6. Now that you have two hearts for each pouch, pair up the hearts. I did two larger heart pockets, and one smaller heart pocket. Cut the top inch or so off one heart for each pair. So you should have one whole heart and one partial heart for each pocket.

7. Match the hearts together, and sew all the way around. You could glue them, but I wanted the stitching as part of the overall look. I used a zigzag stitch. After much trial and error, this worked the best and looked the best.

8. See how I didn't sew only where they matched up? That's so there's stitching all the way around the heart for looks. That's also why the back piece is cut down. Trust me, this took a lot of trial and error to figure that one out.

9. Oh cute, a pocket.

10. Mine obviously weren't perfect. You can see where I first tried a straight stitch and then changed my mind. I say it adds character.

11. On one or two of them, I didn't cut the back part low enough and it got caught in the stitching. So, I just cute a little v and freed it from bondage.

12. Once all of the pockets are sewn, Place two little pieces of scotch tap on the back of each. This is to reinforce the holes for stringing.

13. Place them about an inch or so apart. I centered mine in the arches of the heart.

14. The next couple of steps can be skipped all together if you have a hole punch. If you're cool like that, then just punch a hole in the middle of each piece of tape. If you're like me and you don't have one, and you're too lazy to go buy one at the moment, read on. Take a thick business card or piece of cardstock.

15. Slip it inside the pocket.

16. It might also be helpful to put your pocket on a hard surface, but I'm not always that bright. So, CAREFULLY take the utility knife and cut a little triangle in the middle of each piece of tape.

17. Like this. I did a triangle instead of a slit so there wouldn't be as much friction to wear it down. Or something.

18. String your pockets on a piece of string. Or yarn. Or ribbon. Or a shoelace....or not.

19. Oh cute! They shouldn't slide around much at all, but still be adjustable.

20. Hang it up and enjoy your efforts.

Can i just say this was kind of a lot of work? Mostly because I was figuring out how to do it as I went along. Hopefully if anybody tries this, it won't be as hard since I've learned from my own mistakes. Also, pretty much one of the big reasons I made this was for the announcement. Haha! I may be a tad ridiculous. Let me know if you have any questions, or if something is unclear. And let me know if you make one too!

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  1. Okay so.
    1. Your blog is absolutely adorable.
    2. Congrats on the whole bringing a child into the world thing, that's exciting!
    3. That is my all-time favorite picture of Christ!


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