out of the norm.

We had some grand adventures this weekend, and while I didn't take any pictures, I want to write down the memories.

On Friday, we decided to be spontaneous. It was date night, and as we headed out to find somewhere to eat, we passed by the new Five Guys diner. It just opened, and in true Flagstaff fashion whenever anything new opens, it was packed. So we drove on, nothing sounding very good. TJ said he wanted In-n-Out (similar to Five Guys from what I hear) (I've had In-n-Out, not Five Guys). Problem: the closest one is in Prescott....a bit over an hour away. So, I suggested we drive to Prescott. We decided though, that if we were going all the way to Prescott just for dinner, we might as well go to Red Robin and partake of their deliciousness instead (read: bottomless fries for this potato-lover). So we called up our friends the Fry's and headed to Prescott around 6:45. We got there a little after 8, had our burgers, wraps, shakes, and several baskets of fries (with campfire sauce please), and headed back up the mountain to be home by 11. How's that for spontaneity? Was it worth it? Totally. It was fun to do something different.

On Saturday, one of TJ's really close friends from high school got married. I didn't make it to the wedding because I had to work, but TJ said the ceremony was beautiful and I would've loved the church. I did get to go to the reception with him, and it was so beautiful. They had it at the Flagstaff Ranch Clubhouse, which is a gorgeous, lodge-style venue. Their reception was very different from what we're used to. (Being LDS, we've attended many receptions, most of which are the receiving line, buffet-style, backyard/church gym type affairs....like our own. Beautiful in their own respect, but not like many people do it.) We found our seating assignments, and sat down for a bit. There were servers walking around with platters of appetizers, and there was an open bar. We don't drink, but I partook of a delicious pineapple-cranberry juice. After the cocktail hour, the wedding party arrived. Amy and her brand-new husband, Rick, were so happy and giddy and looked amazing.

Soon after, the food was blessed and served. A pear, feta, candied walnut and spinach salad met my eager fork , with some sort of divine berry dressing. Then, the main course. I'd ordered filet mingon, and TJ the chicken cordon bleu. Both were delicious, and the mashed potatoes were some of the best I've had. Following dinner, toasts were made by the father of the bride, matron of honor (Amy's sister), and best man. The first two made me tear up, and the best man was just hilarious. (We enjoyed toasting with the groom's younger siblings and sparkling cider.) After the cake was cut, and the bride and groom visited their guests. It was so good to see them both so happy and deserving of such happiness. Their first dance was so sweet, and I might have gotten teary-eyed again watching the father-daughter dance. We stayed for a bit longer, gathered a few sweets from the candy bar, and said goodbye. It was a beautiful night and the love in the room was palpable. I love weddings.

Sunday was spent preparing for and speaking in church. My topic was "What is virtue?" and TJ spoke on patience. I think both went well, and I felt good about my talk. TJ was also called to be in the Young Men's presidency (organization for boys age 12-18), and to be a scout leader. He'll be helping with the boys age 14-16. He's excited to be going on campouts and hikes and working with the boys.

Today, we're spending the day relaxing, hopefully selling our second car, and cleaning a little. It snowed overnight, so I mostly want to just cuddle up with a book inside. How was your weekend?

Also, my camera was feeling neglected, so I took her on a 5 minute date to capture the new snow.


  1. I wish I had snow here in Virginia! I've been waiting for it all season but none has decided to stick :/

  2. Your photos are SO pretty, girl! I just barely got a camera that doesn't completely suck . . . so it's fun to see what other people do with theirs.

    Also. I want that pear, feta, candied pecan delight you describe. Seriously. I need it.


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