i'm in love.

Last night, I lay awake.
Trying to sleep, but not succeeding.
The light was on for TJ to read by,
and I couldn't help but stare at our picture wall in our bedroom.
I love that wall....even in its unfinished state.
It represents our relationship.
I plan to add to it as we go along.
(When I get it to a better state, I'll post a picture. Promise.)

Anyway, as anyone who's been reading for a while knows,
I'm a huge photography nerd.
I love it.
I love the way images can be captured and moments frozen in time.
And I realized something....
I love our engagement pictures.
I love them for the style of our photographer,
but even more for the love and emotions he captured 
at one of the most special times of our life together.
At our beginning.
I've never shared a whole grouping of those images,
so here are some of my favorites.

[all images courtesy of Joseph Blech Photography]

I think it's nearly time for some new pictures of just us soon.


Thanks for reading! I love reading your thoughts, too :)