Hotel Monte Vista

After much too long, we finally had a legit date night with just the two of us last weekend.
We found a new (to us) restaurant to try (it had really good cheese dip).
Then, we walked around downtown and ended up at the Hotel Monte Vista.
Supposedly it's haunted. Whatever.
There's a bar downstairs, but upstairs it's still a functioning hotel.
Needless to say, we snuck upstairs to explore. 
The hallways were pretty small and cramped compared to modern hotel standards.

It had beautiful chandeliers lining the hallways.

Most of the rooms are named after a famous man or woman (or band) that has stayed there.

There were four floors. On the fourth floor, there's a set of uncarpeted stairs that leads to nowhere. Or maybe the roof. We didn't test that theory though. As you reach each level, they all look the same. Same mirrors and light fixtures. I guess that's how most hotels are, but it just seemed a little weird in such a small hotel.

It was a great date night that didn't cost much at all (we even shared our meal). We sorta pretended to be guests when we heard people coming. Because I know I would be freaked out if random people were wandering the hotel I was staying in.


  1. Wahoo cheese dip and fun date nights! :) I love Debbie Reynolds. "Singing in the Rain" is one of my favorites!

  2. Race and I need to go check out the Hotel Monte Vista sometime. It looks like it was fun! And Race and I need to learn about all the good restaurants in town from you and TJ!

  3. Aw, that sounds so fun! And I love the idea of eating at a hotel restaurant for a date night... genius!

  4. haha, this totally sounds like something me and my husabnd would do. Cheap dates nights are the best!


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