a word.

1 year,
4 seasons,
12 months,
52 weeks,
365 days,
8,760 hours,
525,600 minutes,
31, 536, 000 seconds.

I want to make the [moments] count.

Since last year, I have decided to choose one little word to base my year on. A word to motivate, inspire, and encourage me throughout the year. A simple word that I can reflect on and apply to my life. This year, my word is moments.

I feel like sometimes my life just goes on auto-pilot. But there are other times, times when I find meaning. Times when I notice the way the moon is rising yellow and big, the way the sun shines through the trees, or the warmth of his hand in mine. It's truly the little moments that make life meaningful, and I want to recognize them.

I was partially inspired by this talk, in which the speaker mentions stopping to notice the "forget-me-nots" and not just admiring the roses. I want to notice and recognize those little wild flowers and not focus only on the big bouquets of life. I want my blog to reflect that. I think it does, in a way, but I want it to even more. I want it to be a journal of my little moments.


  1. I think your blog has always done an amazing job of reflecting the little special moments. Also, I think you are really good at capturing the small things like the forget-me-nots with your camera and I have always loved that about your photography. This is going to be a wonderful year!! :]

  2. Great word to inspire your year by :) I def get caught up in living for whatever the next big thing is instead of enjoying all our moments. Great reminder!


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