merry & bright.

I love and always have loved setting up and decorating the Christmas tree. TJ and I opted for a fake one again this year (even after last year's fiasco), mostly because we're not supposed to have real ones. I love taking out each ornament and remembering where it came from or the story behind it if it has one. We each picked out an ornament last year, but this year, we are going to give each other an ornament. I'm so excited :)

[Ornament my mom bought for us after Christmas last year...when it was on clearance.] 

[Handmade snowflakes from Grandma Burgess.] 


  1. I love posts about Christmas trees! And I love your pictures! :] Also, are we not supposed to have real trees in these apartments? Because if so, Race and I have totally failed two years in a row! Haha. Oops!

  2. Such beautiful photos of your tree! My husband and I decided that each Christmas we'd buy each other an ornament for our stockings and so slowly as the years go on we'll have more and more ornaments.
    Cheers to Christmas!

  3. So pretty! Maybe next year we'll get a tree...maybe haha :)


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