like the mountains.

Jessica Harrison: [viewing from horseback, after Jim saves Jessica and they kiss, a change coming in the Aussie mountain weather] It changes so suddenly. One moment it's paradise, the next it's trying to kill you. 
Jim Craig: Yep, that's how it can be up here. If it was easy to get to know it, it would be not challenging. You've got to treat the mountains like a high-spirited horse; never take it for granted. 
Jessica Harrison: It's the same with people, too. 

[From The Man from Snowy River]

Sometimes I think life is like the mountain weather.

I can prepare for a bad snowstorm.
Get groceries, wear warm clothing, hope for school cancellations.
The weather reports may all say it will be big, and it could be bad.
I can dread the snow or look forward to it.

And then, in a totally unpredicted manner,
It only snows an inch. And I can see sharp, icy blue through the gray clouds.
And I'm glad I was prepared, but not for the thing I thought I was preparing for.

Yes, life is very much like this.
I prepare for one thing, only to get another.
I can plan my life out all I want,
but I am constantly reminded that while it's important to prepare,
I'm not the one in control.

I find, that if I put my trust in the One who guides the mountain weather,
He will guide my life as well.


  1. agreed. I get so frustrated with this sometimes! haha, you're much more positive than I feel right now! Also, I just saw you have swap sponsors! Want to swap with me? :)

  2. First off, I love that quote. And the imagery it brings. Secondly, I completely agree. Life ne'er brings us just exactly what we're expecting. Thank goodness so much of the time Heavenly Father's plans are a lot better than ours!!


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