happenings in December.

I last left off on my journaling at the beginning of the month, with my mom's 50th birthday. A lot has happened since that time.

We had a roommate ornament-making party that was a lot of fun. Somehow....I didn't get a picture of Emma. I'm lame I know.

Plus also, I graduated. I promise my apartment was clean before it was invaded by family. 
My grandparents came up with my family and my mom brought along her beloved birthday iPad.

I couldn't zip the stinkin' gown. So Dad helped. Also....notice anything different about me?

Yeah, I colored my hair. I told my stylist to do what she thought would look good, so she did an ombre with a few highlights near the top. This way, since I'm lazy/don't spend a lot of money on my hair, I won't have to get it touched up for a while.

This really cute guy told me he cried. How sweet is he? I was so happy to be done I didn't even think about crying.

Mis padres.

Two of my best friends ever travelled up from Mesa all brave-like just to come to my graduation. Love you girls!

Mi hermana-in-law, Hannah.

Mis padres-in-law.

Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa hates the cold, so I was touched he would suffer through it at 86 just for me.

Brothers-in-law, Nathan and Brady.

Adopted Aunt Michelle who graduated from ASU last year, and is now working on her Master's.

SIL, Aubrey. Glad she braved the snow too :)

Mi hermano, Sheldon y mi hermana, Kyndra.

After the commencing, we had a little party at my in-laws. Mexican food was served and all was merry and bright.

Even though TJ didn't walk, he finished his Associates at CCC! He's going to NAU in January, as part of the business and accounting programs. I am so proud!

In other news, I interviewed for and was offered a position as an Administrative Assistant at NAU. This will be a huge blessing to us, as the benefits of a full-time university employee are very nice. TJ will be going to a university for about the same price as a community college, and we will both have great health benefits. I'm so grateful to see the Lord's hand in my life as the pieces just fall into place.

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