words of affirmation.

If you've ever heard of the "love languages," then you've heard words of affirmation is one of them.
[If you've never heard of "love languages," google it. I'm sure there's a quiz somewhere to find out whcih one is yours. Moving on...]
It's definitely my love language....and pretty much my everyday language. If that makes sense.
I feel the need to hear verbally when I'm doing well in all aspects of my life.
It doesn't mean I can't feel good about myself by myself, it just means, essentially, that compliments help me.

For instance, when I heard that a recent photo client told TJ, "We just love our photos. We already have them hanging in our home, and we get so many compliments on them," it made me feel good about my skills in photography.

When my cooperating teacher tells me that I'm doing a good job, and that I'm a natural teacher, it builds my confidence in my ability to teach.

When TJ tells me I look pretty, or the meal I made was delicious, or the project I finished looks really nice, I feel built up in those areas.

Words mean a lot to me. Sometimes, more than they should.

I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to express myself through words. I'm grateful for the words of affirmation I receive from others. I'm grateful for the inspiration I gain from reading the words of others.

I took a linguistics class last semester. I actually really enjoyed it. In that class, I learned something: that nearly every sentence we say or compose is completely unique. How incredible is that? As human beings, we are constantly creating language.

This blog has given me an opportunity to share my words. Create my own language, so to speak. It's also given me the opportunity to be part of a community, and to receive words of affirmation from those I've "met."

My words mean something to me, just as yours do. So thanks :)

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