Have you ever seen the way that snow sparkles?
It's really quite beautiful.
Tonight, as I walked home from Target, the snow was "sparkling."
Kind of like sprinkling, right before it rains?
Yeah, sparkling.
Little tiny tiny flecks of ice, before the big flakes form.
Possibly just "snow dust" blowing from the fallen snow.
It looks like glitter, shimmering down in the light.

Tonight, I'm grateful for the sparkle of snow.


  1. So beautifully put Kylie! I love it. :] I love the sparkling snow as well. Hopefully it's not super snowy when you guys move in this weekend though! And let me know ifyou need any help!!

  2. I'm totally jealous! I've never seen a real snowflake so cherish it for me!

    It was so great to see you this weekend!


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