on my mind right this second.

A few quick things on my mind:

1. I now know what my mother meant when she said the holidays are stressful. Can I please put one more thing on my own calendar? I love it though :) It's all happy stuff! Here's a taste:

  • Create and send out grad announcements.
  • Plan and execute a grad party-ish-thing. (Graduating a semester early makes for graduating at the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year.")
  • Plan and execute roommate ornament-making party with the help and talents of Emma.
  • Plan and execute a Christmas get-together with couples friends.
  • Plan and make Christmas gifts.
  • Make and list new items for my etsy.
  • Photo shoots.
  • Traveling for the holiday season. Thank goodness it's a less-than-3-hour trip. 
It's upon us, folks!

2. I cannot wait for the movie "The Vow" to come out in February. WHY must they torture me now with swoon-worthy completely chick-flick-esque trailers?? I heart Rachel McAdams. And let's be honest....even if his acting isn't stellar....Channing Tatum ain't so bad himself. [I'm just a lil' worried about the sex content.]

3. I really need to get my apartment looking less like a dungeon full of boxes, more like a home.

PS. Right now I'm super thankful for productivity. It makes me happy!


  1. The ornament party sounds like so much fun :) I have a huge box of ornaments in my apartment from our wedding...I should spruce them up.

  2. that is the first time i have seen the trailer for that movie and i am so seeing it!! i can't wait for it thanks for sharing with me

  3. So excited for the ornament party! When do you want to get together to plan it?! And I can't wait to see your graduation announcements! I am sure they are going to be adorable!! And I can't wait until you get some more bows up in your etsy shop!


Thanks for reading! I love reading your thoughts, too :)