my staff of life.

I love that awkward moment when you're sitting at your computadora,
Catching up on blogs (when you should be making worries, TJ's off playing ball),
And you look down and realize there's melted chocolate on your shirt.

I do what any sane woman would do, and licked it clean. No shame.
(Don't worry, I promise there is not a huge wet spot on my shirt now. That would be gross.)

Today is definitely a day to be grateful for chocolate. So chocolate it is.
Can I get an amen?!

Chocolate. Amen.
[Chocolate of choice. Click image for source.]

Oh, and please do read Julie's post below. Another thing I'm grateful for: poignant reminders of what matters most.


  1. Mmmm! I love chocolate! :] Race and I are making another batch of his intense homemade fudge! I'll have to bring you some whenever we get together to plan our ornament making party!!

  2. Since I'm laying on my couch eating handfuls of chocolate chips, Amen indeed. :)

  3. Ok...I have had a strange aversion to all things sweet lately, but this looks AMAZING. Holy cow.


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