Moving is stressful.
You have to pack up all of your junk from the old place into boxes,
And transport it all to the new place.
The packing seems to take forever, 
Especially when you've been there for a year and a half,
And you're trying to get rid of the real junk,
And you're slap-happy tired.
Oh, plus your lovely neighbors are partying. it. UP!

All of this combined makes for situations where you're laughing at every little thing and possibly pause your packing just to laugh for 30 minutes.

Yep, that totally happened on Thursday night.

But packing isn't even the worst part!
The worst part is the un-packing.
That time when you're trying to figure out where to put everything,
Get rid of more junk,
And saying, "Hey babe, where's the [____]?"
And getting the response, "Oh! It's in a box. Somewhere."

It's great stuff, I tell ya.

All that being said,
I'm grateful we had the opportunity to move into a bigger space in a more family-oriented atmosphere.
And I'm grateful for TJ for being patient with me as I try to organize it and get it just so.
I'm grateful for a clean slate and a fresh start.

PS. Today, TJ and I reached the 18 month marker since the day we were married. I can't believe it's gone so quickly and slowly at the same time :)

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  1. Love this! :] I agree that packing and unpacking SUCK though! And not knowing where anything is sucks as well. Haha. The laughing is definitely lots of fun though! Love you! And hope you get settled in soon!


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