What We Love: First Friday Artwalk

TJ suggested we go to the First Friday Artwalk again, and invite our friends Aubree and Aaron.
Last time, we wore short sleeves and it was lovely.
This time, we wore coats and scarves and it was freezing, but still lovely.

We walked around, and went in shops more than art galleries. It was fun! This cute shop had a cool window display. That's art if you ask me!

 Due to the weather, I broke out some knee highs. I'm super cool and wear socks with flats. At least they had fun stripes.

After we decided to be done, we all went to Safeway and gathered bagel bites and pizzookie fixings. Then, we went back to our apartment and feasted.

I love double dates too :)

[PS, still spots open for guest posting. Email me if you're interested!

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  1. We went to the first Friday artwalk as well! :) It was lots of fun and freezing cold! Also, I totally wore socks with flats on Friday as well! Haha.


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