today is Friday.

Yesterday was really quite the crappy day.
I had a super long day at school, kids that wouldn't listen no matter the cajoling, and the night just wasn't great.

Rather than dwell on that, like I wanted to when I started to write a post last night, today is a new day and I'm remembering the bright moments. I went home teaching with TJ. We have fallen in love with the kids of one of his families. They are the cutest and most well-behaved children I have ever seen (I got to babysit them last weekend and it was the easiest babysitting job ever).

And their parents are such good examples to TJ and I.

Well, after visiting for a bit, TJ asked them what they remembered from General Conference.
After NayNay (age 4) astounded us all with his memory of a story told by President Monson, Clayton (age 2) made us all laugh with his two cents:
"President Monson....when you're old....can't play on monkey bars!"

Oh man, out of the mouths of babes. I love kids.

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