this is Halloween.

On Saturday night, we had a few friends over for a Halloween costume party. We had it in the "community center" of our apartment complex since the cave is barely big enough for two. I made up these simple invites using picnik, and then printed them as 4x6 pictures.

I'd been planning this since September and was inspired by, you guessed it, Pinterest when I came up with these party favors. They doubled as decorations until our guests left.

 The best part is, they can still hang around through November and be fallish. Yes, fallish is a word.

I was also super excited for the food. I did it potluck style, but I panicked and did three things myself last minute. These chocolate-covered oreos were really good. Actually, they were even better the next day after, eaten straight from the fridge. (All I did was melt about 3 cups of chocolate chips with a capful of vegetable oil, then dunked the oreos into the melted chocolate with a fork and let them set.) 

For decor, I used battery-operated pillar candles, fake webbing, a plastic tablecloth, and my pumpkins. I made my mother-in-law's recipe for salsa, and it was a hit. It's actually well-known amongst my friends since we have it at most gatherings. That huge bowl was about half full, and was mostly gone by the end of the night. There were other yummy goodies like cookie-brownie-sandwiches, homemade fudge, chips ahoy, and little smokies (made by me).

I asked the Frys to make homemade rootbeer (their specialty). It was super tasty and I just had a glassful of leftovers.

Since it was a costume party, we also had a costume contest. I don't remember who won what, but they were all great!

The Allens: UPS man and his "package." Jerah entered in a cardboard box, pushed by Randon on a dolly. Hilarious!

The Frys (yes that's their last name!). So creative!

The Ashbys: 50's couple. So classy!
(Yes, Emma and I do know each other in real life.... we were roommates our Sophomore year of college.)

The Langfords: The Bed Bug and his victim!

Us: Nurse & patient. We were going to be something super awesome, but ran out of time/money. This came together well though :)

 The Fusslemans: Cardiac Arrest! Derek had a badge, and Bridget had handcuffs on. It was so clever, even if it took us a while to guess (Bridget is a nurse, so it's very appropriate).

Another Pinterest-inspired decoration.

My quick and easy banner: scrapbook paper, stapled to tule ribbon.

Besides the contest and food, we watched Van Helsing. My favorite part was probably our commentary (though the movie itself wasn't so bad). Sorry to those who were trying to pay attention! Haha!

Thanks to everyone for coming and especially those who helped us clean up. I'd say it was a success and it was a lot of fun! It was worth the stress I put on myself. I'm already planning a Christmas party, and probably collaborating with Emma. So excited :)

Happy Halloween!


  1. It looks like your party was a great hit! And I know what you mean about panicking that there may not be enough _____ at the party and doing extra stuff, haha!

    Glad it all turned out fun, and thanks for sharing! :) :)

  2. I so wish we could have been there. We tried to have a party down here but could only get one couple to come. I was really bummed. You need to come visit us soon!!!

  3. Kylie, your party was wonderful! :] It was so much fun hanging out with everyone! And all your decorations were adorable! We definitely need to collaborate for the Christmas party!! :]


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