Oquirrh Mountain.

Upon our arrival in South Jordan, we almost immediately changed and headed to the temple. The Oquirrh Mountain temple was less than 5 minutes from my aunt's house. It was absolutely gorgeous. It overlooks the whole valley up on that hill, and though it is smaller than some temples, it was so majestic and striking. The interior was just as beautiful, one of the features being gorgeous crystal chandeliers. They were literally breathtaking.

I hadn't even noticed the reflection in the beautiful windows, but TJ did.

We asked a nice gentleman to take our picture. I forgot to take the lens off manual focus, so it's sadly blurry. [PS, my skirt was being super obnoxious. Somehow the invisible hem came un-hemmed on one side, and I didn't have time to fix it before we had to go. I also didn't have time to do my hair....

We drove past quite a few times after attending, and I loved looking at it again every time. It was especially gorgeous at night, when it was lit up. 
I love going to the temple.


  1. The Oquirrh mountain temple is gorgeous! My aunt lives about two minutes away walking distance!! I haven't ever been inside though.

  2. Ohh wow... that one IS beautiful! on our trip (TN to UT) we went to the SLC temple :)


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