men will be boys.

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs in our culture.
The conditions must be right:
open gym,
enough participants,
certain shoes,
and certain shorts.
When these conditions all combine, members of the male gender come together
and "play ball."
They divide themselves into two teams.
Then, they run around a rectangular court with strange lines drawn on it.
They continuously aim to toss a large orange ball into a net, suspended 10 ft. above the gym floor.
They run around in circles, and nobody keeps score.
Sometimes, they shove each other out of the way.
Sometimes they fall, resulting in a bruised ego, and perhaps a bruised tailbone.
Sometimes they shout out strange noises.

All of this, for the love of a game:


  1. tell me about it! ha! love this post.

  2. Haha. Boys are funny. Race doesn't especially like sports though. Weird, eh?

  3. I've never heard basketball described so poetically :] Makes me want to play now.

    Like the picture of the court!

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  4. I agree with Melissa, you did a good job describing this male-bonding event!


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