he's home.

After much prayer, fasting, pondering, prayer, discussion, prayer, and thought,
and after receiving an answer,
TJ quit his full-time job.
Working full-time and schooling full-time was too much.
We did it contrary to what many people counseled us to do.
In fact, it was probably one of the hardest decisions we've ever made.

But it was time.
It was time for us to be a real family, and eat dinner together.
It was time for us to see each other during the week, in our home.
It was time for TJ to be able to focus more on school,
and not be so stressed about not having time to study.

We had to take a leap of faith.
A huge leap....
Because he didn't have another part-time job lined up.

Guess what?

We put our trust in God, and we have seen His hand in our life.
As soon as we really decided, opportunities started to show up.
The day TJ put in his two weeks, his supervisor gave him the chance to stay on
part-time, as a temp. Other employment opportunities have come our way.

We've seen miracles in our lives.
We feel so beyond blessed.

Will things be hard in the next few months?
Did TJ walk away from higher pay and great benefits?

But you know what?
We know everything will work out.
Exactly as God has planned for us.

"I would show unto the world that afaith is things which arebhoped for and cnot seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no dwitness until after the etrial of your faith."

And so, for the first time in our nearly 17 months of marriage,
my husband is home
when I'm home.


  1. Kylie. I am so happy for you. Let me know if you need anything ever...it will be a big adjustment financially, but so worth it! Love you :)

  2. Wow! What an amazing decision you guys made together. I love that you put so much trust in the Lord.


  3. Such a huge decision...seeing your husband will be so much nicer than the alternative.

    I love when things work out, whether it's slow or fast.

  4. This is amazing Kylie. And that's so exciting to have him home even though it is a little stressful as well. I bet you're loving it! {Or will soon at least}

  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments :)


Thanks for reading! I love reading your thoughts, too :)