for the youth.

In my parents' ward on Sunday, I had the chance to teach my 16-yr-old sister's Sunday school class.
I mostly talked at them. Oh teenagers.

I felt really strongly about things we talked about: scriptures, the temple, worthiness, relying on one another for good examples, prayer. I decided I wanted to make something for them.

[Oquirrh Mountain Temple, South Jordan, Utah. Photo by me.]

Here it is. Keep your eyes on the goal. I think it's a good reminder for everyone.
So, I'm giving my permission to go ahead and right-click and save this image to your desktop (just don't claim it's yours please). Print it, share it, do what you will.

love always,


  1. very cool.
    I used to have a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on my nightstand that said "I'm going there someday" It was such a great reminder leading up to the big day, of what I wanted!

    Great idea, you are inspiring!

  2. This is a really gorgeous shot.

  3. This is awesome Kylie! I might just have to include these in my Christmas presents for my younger siblings! You are so talented! I love it!


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