It has been far too long, my friends, far too long....since I've read a good book. I don't know what's wrong with me! I haven't had the itch for it lately. I blame the interwebs. And myself. I just need to find something good, and that will catch and hold my attention. I'm hoping to borrow The Hourglass Door from my mom the next time I go down to the valley. I've heard it's really good. Any recommendations for me?

In other news, TJ has started reading! This is huge, friends, huge. For the whole of our relationship together, TJ has never sat down/desired to just read. Well, at my parents' about a week ago, he picked up the first Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites book, and has been hooked since. And he's fast. He finished the first two in just a few days, and is on the third. As someone who absolutely loves reading, this is excellent news. It means we can sit together and read, and talk about one of my favorite series together. It's so nice to hear him say, "I'm going to go to bed and read now."

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  1. Glad to hear TJ is enjoying the books so much!


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