AZ to UT

We love road trips. We love being in the car together, jamming out to our favorite tunes, talking, eating completely (un)healthy road snacks, taking pictures, and just being together. Not to mention, the drive from Flagstaff to South Jordan (where we were staying with my Aunt) is beautiful and long (about 8 hours).

While driving through Kanab, we saw many a hick. These ones let their poor Blue Heeler (dog) ride in the back...with all of their stuff. He was walking around on top of boxes and who knows what, but luckily he was safe.

Somewhere between Kanab and the turn-off for the 20, we saw this beautiful grove of trees ablaze with  new fall colors. I mentioned how pretty it was, and TJ spontaneously pulled over for me to take some pictures. It's not something he normally does, so it was so sweet.

Apparently, he only intended for the trees to have their picture taken.

But I'm nothing if not persistent.

We had a smooth trip without much incident. We left at 4:30 am and arrived at about 3:00 pm Utah time. However, we had a very special occurrence at the start of it. We were maybe 20-30 minutes outside of Flagstaff, when I remembered that we should say a prayer to start our trip, asking for safety and timeliness. I offered it, and as soon as I closed with "Amen," I opened my eyes and said, "TJ, do we have the conference tickets??" As it turns out, we had left them in TJ's drawer. Although it was frustrating to lose an hour of travel time by turning around, we were grateful for inspiration from our Heavenly Father so that we would be able to attend general conference in the conference center.

Also, has anyone ever had Pirate's Booty? New favorite snack.

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  1. My husband and I once ate a whole trash bag of popcorn that we bought from the store on a road trip from Utah to Arizona. I semi-hate popcorn now.

    I'm glad you realized you were missing your conference tickets....yikes! Good thing you're stuck in the car with your sweetie instead of screaming babies haha

  2. What a fun trip! :]

    And thank goodness you remembered to say a prayer!

    Also, I love the photos of the grove of trees changing colors. Gorgeous!


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